10 Sneaky Fears Keeping Coaches from Clients

Coaches are experts at noticing fears in their clients. It’s part of the expertise of being a coach. However, their own fears are more difficult to detect on their own. These sneaky fears keep coaches playing small. Holding them back from fulfilling their true purpose.

Dealing with the sneaky fears coaches face

Once the fears are uncovered, it’s important to overcome them quickly instead of dwelling on them. It happens way too often that coaches want to explore a limiting belief as if exploring a precious treasure. Consistently exploring fears this way, takes valuable time away from the tasks at hand.

So it’s extremely important to learn how to quickly overcome fears. An easy way to do that is by acknowledging the fear and choosing differently. As humans, once we’re focused on something it becomes our reality. If we shift our beliefs to the positive, it automatically becomes our reality.

Shifting beliefs in order to achieve greatness is one of the things I focus on with my private clients.


Fears covered in this video:

  • Fear of charging the aligned price
  • Fear of selling
  • Fear of investing
  • Fear of really seeing what’s wrong
  • Fear of letting go of the strategy
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of doing “it” wrong
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of how success will change things

Watch the full training to see the in-depth explanation of each one of these fears.


Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping lady coaches drop the struggle + own their gifts to easily pursue 5-figure months.

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