50 Shades of Affirmations for 2021

Written by Sheedia Jansen

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50 Shades of Affirmations for 2021

How to use the affirmations for 2021

Honestly the more you repeat an affirmation, the better. Make it a habit of repeating these affirmations for 2021 every day. I’ve provided phone and desktop backgrounds that you can use to remind you of your favorite affirmation.

For this particular blog post, I’ve broken it down into steps you can use in order to get the most out of these affirmations for 2021. Apply every step for optimal results.

Step 1: Take the quiz

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Step 2: Pick your 2021 affirmation from the list

  1. My soulmate clients can’t wait to invest with me
  2. What I have to offer is everything my soulmate client wants and then some
  3. I choose to love and accept myself
  4. My work is of high service and worthy of massive compensation
  5. I choose to believe that clients easily come to me
  6. I surrender to the belief that it can be easy
  7. Making money can be easy
  8. I choose to open myself up to divine guidance
  9. Everything is working out on my behalf
  10. Asking for the sale is for the highest good of all
  11. I choose to embrace sales
  12. I confidently share the beautiful services I have to offer
  13. I choose to believe that whenever I ask, I receive
  14. There are millions of people out there who want to work with me
  15. I am more than enough
  16. I decide today to unconditionally follow my success
  17. My Success is inevitable
  18. I was born to succeed
  19. I choose love every time
  20. I approve of myself
  21. Success is my new norm
  22. I am Spiritually in tune and financially wealthy
  23. I am the embodiment of ease and grace
  24. Abundance is my natural state
  25. I am the CEO of my empire
  26. It is holy to be filthy rich
  27. I am ready to receive clients
  28. I open myself up to receive abundance
  29. I choose to see the abundance that is all around me
  30. I am stepping into the most successful decade of my life
  31. I am exactly where I need to be
  32. Today is a beautiful day for massive miracles
  33. It is my divine birthright to be rich and successful
  34. It is safe for me to ask for what I desire
  35. I am uniquely and wonderfully made
  36. My desires are perfect
  37. It is safe for me to shine a light on my shadows
  38. I choose to put myself and my desires first
  39. I always look good
  40. I am worthy of all my desires
  41. I am only available to those who treat me with respect
  42. I am free
  43. When I ask, it is given
  44. I choose to highly value my family
  45. Money comes to me easily and frequently
  46. I trust myself
  47. I choose to acknowledge how I feel
  48. I care about my wellbeing
  49. My soul’s way is the right way
  50. I am FUCKING important!

Step 3: Change your phone and desktop background to that affirmation

Clicking on the images below will take you to the folder where you can find your affirmation for 2020.

Step 4: Repeat your affirmation from step 2 every time you see it as your wallpaper

Our habits can be found in our subconscious mind, which can only change through hypnosis or consistent autosuggestion. So make sure you repeat your affirmation as often as possible and really feel as if it’s true for you.

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