7 Coaching Product Ideas to Sell Online

Written by Sheedia Jansen

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7 Coaching Product Ideas to Sell Online

7 Coaching Product Ideas to Sell Online

“I don’t know what I’m selling” was the answer.

The question: “Describe the BIGGEST frustration you are facing with your business right now?”

My heart broke when I read that. There was an amazing coach on the other end ready to help clients that didn’t know what she was selling. Lucky for her, we had a Breakthrough call the following day. The call helped get clear on the different types of products and packages she could offer.

What coaching clients are actually buying

Before we dive into coaching product ideas to sell, it’s important to be clear on what coaching clients are buying. Contrary to popular belief, clients are not buying motivation. What they’re buying is a transformation.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Motivation is a feeling. It’s temporary. Motivation doesn’t last forever. Unless the person decides to transform into something else.

When coaching is seen, sold, and experienced as a transformation, it has so much more value. So when selling coaching, always think in regards to the transformation it provides. This also helps with the pricing aspect of things.


Need to calculate the value of the transformation to know how much to charge? Click here

Coaching products vs. coaching services

It’s important to differentiate between coaching products and services. Coaching products are everything that does not include exchanging time for money. Coaching products give the coach the opportunity to impact a wider audience. They can also become passive streams of income.

Coaching services include everything where the coach spends time with a client. Examples of coaching services are: 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, masterminds and Voxer Coaching.

Any package that includes coaching services, falls under the coaching service category. Even if it also includes coaching products. Such a package is often referred to as a hybrid package. 

An example of this is a mastermind that also includes self-study courses.

7 Coaching Product Ideas to Sell Online

What products can a coach sell? Actually, there are quite a few products a coach can sell (even a life coach). With coaching products, one can reach a wider audience at a more affordable price. In essence, it’s about taking one’s coaching and offering it in simpler forms.

Read on for coaching product ideas and examples.

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It’s where you will be able to ask me any type of questions related to this subject. Simply by creating a new post in the group.

Types of Coaches to Invest in

1. Self-Study Courses

Self-study courses can add a lot of value for the fraction of the price. They can include video training, workbooks, meditations, and audio training.

Nowadays there are quite a few platforms to offer courses. Making it easy to create, upload, publish and sell a course in one place. I use Teachable for my courses. My clients have also had great experiences with Thinkific, Udemy, Kartra, Podia, and Samcart.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: The examples used in this post are not my recommendations. Though all the examples are things that I might buy in the future.

Example of self-study courses offered by me:

Tapping Into Clients is a 5-day program that uses the power of EFT Tapping to immediately dissolve mental limitations keeping you from enrolling your clients.

Teaches how to create 40 pieces of marketing content in 90 minutes (or less) without ever using the share button.

How to market to millions in as little as 4 hours a month using Pinterest. Works even if you don’t know anything about marketing yet.

2. Memberships

Creating a membership provides continuous support and a recurring stream of income. The idea behind a membership is being able to offer content consistently. The types of content that can be offered are the same as courses. Most platforms that allow one to offer courses have an option to create memberships.

Example of lady coaches offering memberships:

Lady Coach Lounge

The all-access pass to all my courses!

Members get access to all my above-mentioned courses…

PLUS exclusive members-only courses.
PLUS weekly Q&A sessions.
PLUS an exclusive community of coaches

For a monthly fee that is less than a fancy cup of coffee a day.

Miracle Membership

Gabby Bernstein provides monthly meditations, member workshops, and tons of members-only training in her membership.

3. Books

Books can get the coach’s method to the world. Becoming an author can also earn a coach some major street cred and klout (respect and influence).

Books have been around for ages and are still just as effective today. Besides it being such a popular way to reach the masses, it also provides a tangible way to reach people. As great as the virtual world is, there’s nothing better than holding a physical product. Just like virtual hugs could never replace an in person connection.

Examples of coaches who have written books:

4. Merch

Merch is short for merchandise. It can vary from T-Shirts to Pillows to Bumper Stickers. Providing the same tangible experience as a book without the depth of information.

One of the great advantages of offering merch is its great potential for word-of-mouth marketing. Once someone owns a product, conversations around that product happen naturally.  Which in turn can spark an interest with friends to follow and buy something from the coach. So besides being an income stream, merchandise is also marketing material.

Examples of lady coaches offering merch:

Amanda Frances

Money Queen Amanda Frances offers a poster, pillow, t-shirts, and a variety of mugs in her webshop.

Olivia B. Shepherd

Lady O. as she calls herself has launched a great merch shop over at teeztoinspire.com. Her sassy way of mixing in self-development, boss lady vibes, black power and her faith makes for amazing merch.

5. Affiliate products or services:

Being an affiliate means that you will promote a company in exchange for a percentage of any income as a result of your promotion. This is tracked through links. Which means it can be a great source of a passive income stream.

To get started, make a list of any software, products, courses, or services that you can recommend to your soulmate client. Then go on their website and see if they have an affiliate program. This can easily be found by typing the name of the product followed by the word affiliate in Google.

Here’s an example of an affiliate page I’ve created for all the things I recommend coaches use.

Most online course platforms have an option to enable affiliate marketing. When this is enabled, each affiliate can get a unique link to promote. Once someone buys through that link, the affiliate earns a percentage of the sale.

Examples of the different types of affiliate products:

amazon associates sign up page

Amazon Associates

Did you know you can recommend products from Amazon and earn a commission? It’s called Amazon Associates.

Best of all, it’s very simple to set up. You can get links, photos, or photos and text to promote.

Most of the book recommendations in this blog post, have links back to Amazon. So if anyone reading this purchases a book, I get a little something something. 😉

Partnering with another coach

I’ve partnered with website design and branding genius Christi Bernard. When someone buys her Social Planner Pro through my link, they also get access to my Tapping Into Clients course.

This deal earns me a passive income without me having to lift a finger.

Refer a friend for credit

Besides getting paid to refer people, some companies (also) have the opportunity to earn credit. You won’t need to sign up to be an affiliate to get this credit. Below is a refer a friend example for And.Co. This is the software I use to send invoice, contracts and payments.

(By clicking the image, you can unlock the $20 credit.)

6. Journals

Journaling is such a big part of coaching. Most coaches offer journal prompts or exercises to their clients. So turning those prompts into a beautiful journal is an easy way to create a coaching product. One might need to hire a graphic designer to design the graphics for the journal. Other than that it can be really simple to create and offer a journal to the world.

Examples of lady coaches offering journals:

7. Workbooks

Got workbooks you’ve made for your clients? You can sell them as a product. Another way for people to get access to your coaching for a fraction of the price. It might not provide the same level of support, but it can still provide phenomenal transformations.

There’s a slight difference between a journal and a workbook. Nonetheless, I included both as examples. Because in practice it might not click for someone to see both as potential products.

Examples of coaches offering workbooks:

There you have it! Six coaching product ideas to sell online. By now, anyone reading this might be overwhelmed with ideas. If that’s you, no worries. Hop into the Business Coaching for Lady Coaches Facebook group and share your ideas, confusion and/or questions. I will personally answer every question.

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