Black Friday Deals for Coaches, Course Creators and Industry Experts

The complete roundup of the best deals that will enhance your business.

Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping lady coaches drop the struggle + own their gifts to easily pursue 5-figure months.

Black Friday Deals for Coaches, Course Creators and Industry Experts

Black Friday is traditionally known as the time to get all the best deals.

Household items, toys, clothing, electronics, software are all up for grabs. That’s all great. But what if you can save on the tools you need for your business?

Tools that you might have been eyeing for a while, just haven’t decided to make the leap yet. Taking the leap into investing in your business becomes a ton easier when the prices are a bit lower.

It might also be the time that all of your real reasons for not investing comes to the surface. We often hide behind the price of an item. Making it the reason why we cannot buy it. With these Black Friday prices, you would want to invest ASAP!

Below is a list of some of the best deals with the best savings for coaches, course creators and industry experts.

*DISCLOSURE: Some of the links might be affiliate links for which this site’s writers receives compensation.

Super low lifetime access instead of monthly payments 

Average Black Friday Savings: $603


Save thousands of dollars paying for software once instead of monthly. For Black Friday, AppSumo has a few deals that are worth mentioning.

HeySummit: A great platform to get brand exposure and generate revenue with online summits.

Book Like a Boss: Super easy well designed customizable booking tool.

Endorsal: Automatically gather and display high-quality endorsements. This fully streamlines the testimonial gathering process for your website.

Create and sell courses for less

Average Black Friday Savings: $679


Teachable is a great for those who want to get started creating and selling online courses. It’s simple to use and has all of the important features. Including setting up a sales page and receive payments. Making it possible to host an evergreen course that clients can sign up to automatically.

All the support needed to reach six figures in your coaching business

Average Black Friday Savings: $499


Coaching is a beautiful thing. It’s an opportunity to guide someone to achieve their goal. For the coaches who are ready to help many and make money in their business, there’s Coach to Cash Mastermind. It includes all the support needed from two experienced coaches to make sure that 2020 is the most fulfilling year of your life.

Did I mention it’s run by yours truly (Sheedia Jansen) and Beth Gray?


Manage your contracts and how you get paid in a simple way for less

Black Friday Savings: $108


When it comes to managing contracts, tracking income and receiving payments I love And.Co. There are a ton more CRM options out there that has more features. However I love the simplicity of And.Co. Will recommend it to anyone that wants something simple to get started with.

Full blast client management for a bit less

Average Black Friday Savings: $55


Want more than what And.Co has to offer? Dubsado will have you cover. In addition to receiving payments and managing contracts, it also has a scheduler, todo list, manage projects and so much more. Dubsado has you covered when it comes to managing your business! It offers the ability to save a lot of time while growing and expanding your business.

Pinterest traffic to your website with MASSIVE discount

Black Friday Savings: $70


Did you hear that you can use Pinterest to get traffic to your website? It’s a thing! A thing that I absolutely love. The only thing I don’t love is that as a paid user I can’t take advantage of this awesome deal. Tailwind offers the opportunity to easily batch schedule your Pinterest posts. It also includes a ton of analytics. The best thing about it is Tribes. Where you can get more repins by repinning other people’s content. A Pinterest spin on Instagram’s Like for Like. 

Once you go Divi, you won’t go back!

Average Black Friday Savings: $52.50 

This website is build with Divi. It’s only scratching the surface of what Divi can do. Divi theme is a WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes. A ton of prominant personal websites are build with this theme. It makes everything customizable and it’s very user friendly with it’s drag and drop website builder. In addition, they have amazing customer support.

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