Success can exist without consistency!

Just uttering those words, already made me a rebel in the world of online entrepreneurship.

Everyone believes in things like consistency, scheduling, discovery calls and working your ass off!


At the end of the day we’re all humans. Which means we love to have free will, creativity and fun.

All of the normal business rules and strategies don’t leave room for much of that.

So I’ve chosen to be a business rebel and do things my way.

The result?

Way more success than I’ve ever experienced before.

Check out my recent training about this.

Some of the things covered include:

  • Why I can’t follow all the strategies I know
  • How it’s so easy to come up with an elaborate strategy
  • Why working hard stands in the way of you getting the clients you desire
  • Why consistency is not needed to succeed
  • How I run my business without scheduling stuff, discovery calls or working really hard.
  • What it takes to really build a freedom business


>> Catch the Facebook Live here.

>> Listen to the audio only version.

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Cheers to your success!