Case Study: She Now Charges $4,275 for 3 Weeks of Work

Meet Christi Bernard

A Small Business Marketing Specialist. 

She helps small business owners establish a unique brand + business strategies for steady customers.

Before working with Sheedia I was a personal styling coach. And I was STRUGGLING with visibility.

She helped me to start making my first posts to social media and to start making commitments to myself.

After my first time working with her my confidence grew and actually changed the entire direction of my business.

“I had a bachelors in business degree plus tons of hands on experience with small business owners in the field of accounting… yet I was lacking the belief that I could actually help other business owners.” – Christi Bernard

Sheedia helped me to see my gifts, qualifications and most importantly… her mindset work instilled self-belief into me.

I took a bit of break from working with Sheedia and in that time period my business took off.

So when I saw her offering ladder coaching… I knew I HAD to say yes. Working with her at that entry-level price in that supportive of a program really felt like a no brainer to me. 

“For anyone who feels they are on the fence. Get off! Commit to your future and Sheedia will guide you and support you in all future commitments” – Christi Bernard

Commitments are terrifying when we are making them alone. With her support you break your fear ceilings while never being alone. And support like this is what propels you forward.

After ladder coaching I had the confidence to create a $4,275 package. The largest I have ever created. I just launched it yesterday and I expect to sell it. This would have never happened without ladder coaching and all that I uncovered about myself as the leader of my business in that program.

Sheedia is the real deal. Real support. Never lost in someone’s pool of clients. I highly recommend making that first scary leap on your own. She will catch you on the other side in the program.

Thank you again Sheedia!