Coach to Cash


Go from a coaching hobby to a business owner!

Sometime in 2019…

2 Coaches got together with an idea…

Helping others go from Coach to Cash!

Coaching coaches to create consistent revenue in their coaching.

Here’s the story of what happened…

A whopping 24 people signed up for the 6 call mastermind.
Coming together weekly to uplevel their mindset and their business.

Why did these people sign up?

In their own words…


I want to focus my entrepreneurial drive in such a way that it sets me up for success and gives me focus and tangible actions to complete


More accountability, like-minded individuals, to push me outside my comfort zone


I am a life learner and would like to be part of a group of like-minded individuals who can share their knowledge


I've seen how Sheedia and Beth work. It would be amazing to learn from these talented coaches who forged their own path as opposed to following the herd

These were their frustrations…

“I don’t know how to start looking for clients and I feel I am still holding myself back”

“I’m unsure where to start to market myself”

“Feeling I should be further on than I am”

Self doubt — am I ready?

“My own mindset. I really feel I am running into subconscious self sabotage and it often leaves me paralyzed along with the fact that I’m not showing up with my marketing”

“I have shiny object syndrome and lack focus and consistency online”

“Getting qualified leads through posting and turning those leads into customers.”

Does any of these feel familiar?

Have you found yourself saying some of these things recently?

 Then it’s time to make a change!

Do it differently to get spectacular results. 

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity! It’s time to change your game. Something that will make the 2020’s a 100 times better than the 2010’s.

 The 2 coaches that started that mastermind are here to help!

Imagine being able to say this in 2 months…


"I got ALOT clearer on my message. I made a business bestie with whom I will be hosting a Mastermind soon. I got testimonials, I signed a new client." -Clarise Bezuidenhout


"I now know how to find clients. I had no clue how to start before this course. I also learned how to create my coaching packages." -Anita Howard

Meet the 2 coaches

Sheedia Jansen

I’m here to help business click for you!

Building a successful online coaching business was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve done. Imposter syndrome, disappointments, procrastination, confusion and loneliness were daily occurrences in the beginning.

I felt so lost and yet so on purpose at the same time.

Then one day it all clicked! Once it did, everything became easier. All of a sudden knew how to do everything and once I did them they were successful.

How do I help it click for people?

By helping them find their own way in business, then coming up with a strategy to support that. The result is always a successful business that feels so damn good! Is that what you’re craving? Then don’t hold yourself back. Let us help you create a soulful business today!

Beth Gray

I’m passionate about you discovering & living your purpose! I’ve been a successful business woman, who lost herself in people-pleasing and living up to expectations of what I thought success would look like. It was empty and brittle. Easily broken. I had to learn to rebuild, on a strong foundation, and learn to live from a place of heart and courage.

I am committed to helping others find alignment: what the heart wants, what the head knows and what you need. Whether you are looking to up-level your business or your life! I am committed to helping you go inward, to discover what makes your heart sing, and then work out the details of how to make that work logically and practically. It is perfectly possible to be heart-lead and still analytical and logical – the perfect balance of head and heart.

How do I help it click for people?

By diving deep within – not just within their heart, but even down to their soul. Getting somatic – learning to listen to their body without ignoring their thoughts. I help clients discover a new level of creativity – thinking outside the box – that they didn’t know they had! And then, we create a plan that feels good, aligned with their values and what they hold important. Finally, we look at execution – make it happen, hold your feet to the fire in accountability. Results are the only thing that matter – but don’t take it personally, the results don’t matter.

After the success of the Coach to Cash trial, Beth + Sheedia have decided to fulfill the need for more!

Coach to Cash


Go from a coaching hobby to a business owner!

This is the real deal program!

A 9 month program just for you. Coaching you through the strategy and mindset to crush your financial business goals in 2020.


You will be part of a supportive group of coaches who will all be supporting your journey to 6 figures in coaching.

The whole group will be there to support you as you move through the different stages in your business. It’s all about moving through the uncomfortability, dealing with the resistance and MASSIVE GROWTH.

all that’s required to succeed is to…

show up

to everything available to you

Speak up

whenever you feel resistance, fear or uncomfortability

work it out

take the inspired actions necessary to make it all work

Expecting to manifest something without taking action would be like standing in front of a fireplace and saying; first you must give me the heat, then I will give you wood

what you get

11 months of coaching with Beth Gray and Sheedia Jansen, including…

Daily group access to the coaches through Voxer

Feel stuck with something? Feeling unmotivated? Dial the coaches. They’ll be there to coach you through whatever shows up on a day to day basis.

1 Mastermind Coaching Call a month

We’ll all get together for a 90-120 min coaching session. Which will start off with a meditation, then we’ll discuss what came up that month.


Monthly journaling prompts

Get in the right frame of mind with the monthly journaling prompts. Designed to cast a light on what’s going on under the surface emotionally. Work through it at your own pace.

3 Strategy trainings per month

This is where you’ll get the training on how to strategically do something in your business and will include homework! Use the Facebook group to let us know how it’s going and to get peer review of what you’ve worked on.

Weekly meditation

Every week we’ll post a new meditation for you to have a variety of choice. Use daily for best results. 

Book club access with the coaches

Reading through a book is so much better with friends! Not to mention that talking about it gives a ton of new insights. 

Assigned accountability partners every 3 months (optional)

In addition to the coaches keeping you accountable, you will also get an assigned accountability partner. Another coach in the mastermind who will help you stay on track.

The Mastermind Experience

This is a mastermind container. Meaning:

>> You will be receiving feedback from other participants to aid in your growth

>> You will learn from other people’s experiences

>> You will receive a ton of creative solutions. Both by others suggesting solutions to you personally and you being inspired by others ideas

>> You will get to share in the collective knowledge of everyone in the group.

Ashley Ingram’s Recommendation

“I would highly recommend this to any coach who just doesn’t have a whole lot of clarity, seems to be stagnant in their business and really really really wants to move through those blocks and start creating strategy that will help them move forward within their business. It’s easily one of the most transformative things you will do”

Your Business Your Way

This mastermind is not about forcing you to apply a strategy that doesn’t feel good to you. It’s about coming up with the strategy that best fits what your soul is calling you to create. There is no right or wrong! We will be using the mBraining coaching techniques of aligning your energy centers to help you create a business that is 100% you!

The Deets

The trainings and group coaching will start on January 13, 2020.

As soon as you enroll, you will recieve immediate access to the coaches through Voxer and access to the private Facebook group.

You will also get access to past coaching call recordings which are loaded with value.

In addition you will receive meditations and journal prompts throughout December.

Expectations will be exceeded!

What exceeded my expectations was the group coaching thing. It was my very first time. And I didn’t expect it to be so supportive and for actual coaching to happen. I imagined it to be more of a support/brainstorming group

Oana Mitruț

Life Coach

What exceeded my expectation was that it was actually fun, to be honest I am not a fan of group coaching because it tends to be exhausting some. I enjoyed the MasterMind and it kept me engaged. I have found that the value was as good or even better than coaches who where charging 5 to 6 k for their Mastermind

Gabriela Engelhardt

Relationship Coach

What exceeded my expectation was the amount of insight and valuable revelation I was able to make

LauraAnne Wright

Writing Coach

What exceeded my expectation was the fact that I now truly feel like I can make money at this business being a Coach and not just make a living like I saw growing up but actually make money to live and do what I want when I want.

Karen Lowe

Intuitive Life Coach

This is for the coach who is… 

Ready to do whatever it takes to succeed in their business

Excited to build a successful soulful business

So ready to help clients create a better quality of life 

Willing to speak up and receive support when things get tough

Karen Lowe’s Recommendation

“You will work through so much and your business will just rocket. Because after this, I went from not knowing how to mix my spirituality with my coaching business to having them mingled together and getting my first client in this program. This is an amazing mastermind that you’d want to be a part of”

Let’s do this!

Don’t wait any longer. If your heart is calling you to this, sign up for this experience now!

It’s time to create a money making coaching business.

Best value:

Pay in full


one time
Save $199

Make one payment and save a whole $199 for 11 months access to the Coach to Cash Mastermind.

Most Flexible:

11 month plan


per month

Join the Coach to Cash Mastermind today for just $199 a month with a 11 month commitment.

Oana Mitruț’s Results

“I got my first paying client and I showed up for myself unapologetically and bravely. I would recommend this to any coaches who are struggling with the frustration that they should’ve been in xyz spot but are not there yet.”