Is your Coaching Business Wearing Granny Panties?

Granny panties are comfortable, cheap and outdated. Is that how your coaching business is feeling like?

Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping lady coaches drop the struggle + own their gifts to easily pursue 5-figure months.

Is your Coaching Business Wearing Granny Panties?

Let’s start things off my saying there’s nothing wrong with granny panties!

I’m wearing some as I write this because I do not enjoy working out in tight stuff down there.

Now that we have the TMI out of the way, let’s continue…

Granny Panties vs. Sexy Panties

Granny panties are comfortable, usually cheaper and super outdated.

Is that what your business strategy is like?

Comfortable, cheap and outdated?

Or maybe just a few of the above?

Sexy panties, on the other hand, are uncomfortable, usually expensive and very trendy.

How will it feel if your business felt that way?

I’m not gonna go into the whole thing that one panty makes you feel sexier than the other. Or that the one will get you a significant other faster than the other. I don’t believe in those things. The day I met my boyfriend, my wide array of granny panties were drying up in the living room. He walked right passed them. He claims he never noticed them.

Just thought I’d throw in another TMI moment in there!

Uncomfortable, Expensive + Trendy

So why is it important to be uncomfortable, expensive and trendy?

Because you are trying to build a successful online business!

Success Gets Uncomfortable

I dare you to find one super successful person that has never faced challenges or uncomfortability. In fact the uncomfortability is used as that fun challenge to propel them to success. I know for a fact that whenever I’m uncomfortable in my business, there’s a massive growth!

Especially when it comes to financial investments. Not only do I invest in things that propel me forward, but just having some skin in the game challenges me. I must do the work to 10x my investment!

Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor – unknown


Success Feels Expensive

I dare you to find one brand that went to the top with things that felt cheap. Even if they were cheap, people had to feel like they weren’t investing in cheapery (yes, I just invented that). People need to feel like they’re getting value!

So it doesn’t mean you only need high ticket offers. It also doesn’t mean that you need to be more expensive than everyone else (there are more affordable sexy panties). What needs to happen is you need to get good at communicating the value of your coaching.

A great example of this is the Ladder Coaching Program. Overall it’s not cheap, however it is accessible to everyone at a very low investment.

Success is Trendy

I dare you to find a super successful online brand with outdated strategies. I doubt there are many successful businesses being built on MySpace. Let’s not even talk about Google+. Both were used to build successful brands back in the day!

You must be able to build a business that feels exciting in today’s world.

That’s the way to stand out! Otherwise it’s so easy to get lost in the sea of offers out there.

Sexy Panties Coaching Business

So! How do you make your business wear sexy panties?

1. Face the challenges head on while making the uncomfortable decisions

2. Make sure you are communicating the value of investing with you

3. Keep your strategies fresh and unique

Your Business Your Way

You can do all of the above YOUR WAY!

A way that feels true to you, exciting, fits into your lifestyle and brings you fulfillment.

This is what I help female coaches to do.

Need some help with that, sign up for the Ladder Coaching Program.

Yes! It probably feels uncomfortable for you investing right now. That’s because you are used to the granny panties. Your first time wearing the sexy panties (again) will feel like a stretch!

This is the part where you have to embrace the challenge and go for it head on!

A Diamond is a chunk of Coal that did well under Pressure – Jon York

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