what if you could just go about your life and come up with social media marketing content in a whim?

It is possible! I do it all the time.

When it comes to content generation

↠ I do NOT sit behind my computer wondering what to write


↠ I do NOT create content loaded with strategy that doesn’t feel good


↠ I do NOT spend hours wondering if it’s going to be valuable to my ideal clients

Learning how to use Content Marketing is important. Once you know the how and you attract the right potential clients, they will be open and receptive to the services you have to offer them!  

content generation didn’t come as easy to me at first!

I remember spending hours trying to figure out how to do it in a way that will get me the engagement I need.

After I spend time work getting clear on what it is I offer and who I serve, I started coming up with content naturally. So I crowned myself a Content Generating Queen.

That’s who you’ll be at the end of this course too!  

The goal of this 5 day coaching program is…

To help you know your audience and create content for them.

“Content Generating Queen helped me shape my posts and was immensely helpful in getting me thinking about what vulnerabilities I could share because that’s how I want to help others. It’ll be worth revisiting as my business grows”

Charlii Hobbs

Representative, Juice Plus

“I took this Content Generating Queen course that Sheedia offers and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!! I am not lying. The way Sheedia breaks everything down for you into small manageable steps is just awesome. Don’t get me wrong you cover A LOT in this course and it takes work but it is SO worth it once you have finished. Thanks to this course, I have finally figured out who my ideal client is, and how to create content consistently for that client.”

Karen Lowe

Mind, Body, Spirit Life Coach and Intuitive Tarot Reader


– Get super clear on what your ideal client needs

– Find out what your message truly is

– Learn to create content using stories, which is the most captivating way to market

– Generate content ideas for the future

– Where exactly to market your services

What you get

– An intensive 5 day self study training, which will produce quick massive growth! ($499 value)

– A Content Generating workbook ($125 value)

BONUS: How to promote yourself in Facebook Groups without getting kicked out ($79 value)

BONUS: Top 6 Mistakes Shepreneurs Make in Business ($99 value)