Business is supposed to be fun!

Hey! I’m Sheedia

I have a blast doing what I do.

I show up in my marketing because it’s fun. Not because I have to.

Then I share my fun content in so many different ways because I have a deep desire to help coaches transform more lives.

Throughout my 7 years of being in business, I’ve realized that the reason people struggle to grow is the lack of enjoyment in what they do.

When it comes to marketing, it’s the number 1 reason why people don’t show up consistently.

Experts have made marketing:



time consuming

No wonder so many coaches struggle with marketing!

It’s the most important aspect of growing any business. Without marketing business is completely stifled. Leaving the coach unable to fulfill her purpose and her audience stuck.

What if instead there was a way to make marketing exciting, easy and faster than some coaching calls?

Would you show up more consistently?
Would you want to learn how to apply it?

If it’s a yes, read on!


Content Multiplier System

how does it work?

Simply create an exciting content, then derive other content from it.

Pieces of content

Different platforms

Minutes or less

let’s be clear

This system does not include using the “share” button on any social media platforms. Some of the content will be copied to different platforms but only if it will fit in accordance with the number of characters and image size.

what this course teaches

Easily repurpose content and show up on different social media platforms

A step-by-step explanation of Sheedia’s personal system that produces 40 pieces of content in less than 90 minutes. 

All the different ways one can multiply a piece of content to post on different social media platforms. So you can create your own fun system.

The tools Sheedia uses to schedule content in just a few clicks. A majority of which has free options.

Sheedia’s exact system produces…

what you get

All this is included for life!

The Tutorials

The video tutorials teach the complete step-by-step screenshare walkthrough of how Sheedia creates her 40 pieces of content in under 90min.


In order to create “Your Business Your Way”, there needs to be options. This guidebook shows all the different ways to multiply content. Regardless of what type of content someone starts with.

The Software

The secret that brings the whole Content Multiplier System together is a scheduling software. This will teach exactly how to use this software without having to pay for it. 


Private Feedback Group

If by any chance someone needs help figuring out their unique Content Multiplier System, they can ask inside the private feedback group. This is a safe space to ask questions and get the feedback needed to actually make the system work for you!

steal this strategy

Content Multiplier System is worth $99 easily.

Right now and for a limited time only, I am offering Content Multiplier System for a steal at $37

This offer is limited and expected to go quickly.

Act now to secure your spot at this price.

think no more

It’s time to earn + serve

You might think I’m overreacting but I truly believe you have an important message that needs to be shared with the masses. People will die not fully living their potential without you sharing your soulful message with them.

You don’t need thousands of people to meet your income goal but there are thousands who need your message. This system is the easiest way to share it with them.

a complete no brainer

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Not only do I guarantee this unconditionally for 30 days, but if it doesn’t show you exactly how to effectively use create multiple pieces of content, if it doesn’t make content creation easier, if it doesn’t teach you simple ways to schedule posts, I don’t want your money. I will give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

in case you were wondering…

Here are the FAQ’s

For how long will I be able to access the courses?

Once you enroll in the course you will gain lifetime access to the everything inside. This includes any updates that may come in the future and regardless of whether or not the price goes up.

Does this strategy use a bot?

Nopes. The only thing that is used is a scheduling tool. Similar to the scheduling that is available on Facebook groups and pages.

Will this teach 1 unique content on each platform?

Students will learn how to easily make content that will fit in on the different platforms. This includes character numbers and image size. Other than that, the strategy will include copying and pasting the same content on different platforms. There is no reason to create unique content for different audiences. Much like most speakers will share the same topic on different stages.

I didn't find my question here

No problem at all. Feel free to send an email to [email protected] and you will receive your answer asap.