How to Create Freedom In Your Business Today

It happens often that after getting into business and facing some hardships, people start sacrificing what they want. The original freedom they intended for their business starts to fade away. They believe that in order to survive they must work harder while applying uncomfortable strategies. 

It’s a lie that you must sacrifice your soul to grow your business

In business, you don’t have to do anything your soul is not calling you to do. There will be things you must do however that feel uncomfortable or don’t make sense. These things are important to do because they are soul-aligned.

In today’s world, there’s too much emphasis placed on the things that make sense. Truth is, nobody can achieve their dreams while only taking the safe logical route. Dreams inherently are not something that makes sense. Otherwise, it would be called a plan. In order to achieve something bigger than a person’s current identity, they must be willing to make risky illogical moves. 

How to actually create freedom in your business

It’s important to understand that it’s extremely hard to grow a business that doesn’t feel good. On the other hand, it’s super easy to work on a business that lights you up.

So in order to grow a business fast, it must be fun. Making it super important that anyone who wants to get clients to start creating freedom now. 

Here are the steps to create that freedom:

1. Know what you want and what kind of freedom you want to create

2. Believe that it is possible for you to create it

3. Stick to the process. Not everyone will see success right away, but it will come.


Covered in this video:

  • Understanding the energy of creation
  • Creating what you want now, will skyrocket your business
  • Know what you want
  • Believe that it is possible for you
  • Stick to the process


Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping smart savvy lady coaches own their brilliance + support them in creating life on their terms

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