From a Struggling Coach to Having a Successful Coaching Business Overnight

Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping smart savvy lady coaches own their brilliance + support them in creating life on their terms

From a Struggling Coach to Having a Successful Coaching Business Overnight

Merely a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how I was struggling as a business coach. Today, I’m here to say that I’m not struggling anymore. On the contrary, I have a very successful business.

It all changed when I decided to sit down and look at the numbers. My income in 2019 has had a 508% increase. That to me is a massive success. Honestly, it’s all about how I look at things.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. -Wayne Dyer

The definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The problem with reaching success is most people struggle to achieve the right aim or purpose because they don’t set the right goals. This has been a huge issue for me this year.

I wasn’t ready

I set aims and goals that I wasn’t ready for. Now it doesn’t mean that one cannot have big dreams. What it means is, you cannot achieve what you’re not aligned with. 

A huge part of alignment is believability. If you cannot believe that you’ll be able to achieve something, then it’s nearly impossible to achieve it.

Furthermore, we’re taught to set high goals. I’m all for that if someone is really ready to put in the work to achieve those high goals. In reality, most people aren’t. They aren’t ready, because they either don’t know how much it takes or struggle to decide to go for it. 

This is where coaching is really helpful, having someone who’s been there help you set yourself up for success. Consider joining the Coach to Cash Mastermind if you need help achieving goals as a coach.


Success begets more Success

The more success you have in business, the more success you will have. That’s why businesses usually grow exponentially. From my experience, this is only true because of how well the successful person becomes at learning from their failures.

Success cannot exist without failure. So I’ve chosen to share some of my failures with you. This way you can save time growing your business by learning from my failures.

My last post about struggling as a business coach was really difficult for me to publish. This one is still a bit hard, but I am becoming better at opening up.

Some people will see this and say; “I don’t want to work with a coach who hasn’t made six figures yet”. For those people, I am not the right coach.


Transparency is important

My thing is transparency. There are a ton of coaches claiming that they make six figures after their first $10k month. I’ve had a coach who taught me to say that as soon as I hit $10k.

Though I’ve never lied about my numbers, there were times that I felt I needed to play way more successful than I truly was to get clients. As I reflect upon my coaching career, I decided that I do not want to do that anymore. If I want clients to be transparent with me, then I need to be transparent with them.

My experience has taught me all the valuable lessons of what it means to struggle while building a solid coaching business. It wasn’t fun learning those lessons, but I’m glad I did. Now I can make sure that others don’t have to go through the same things. 

2019 Highlights

  • Increased revenue by 508%
  • Decided to only work with coaches
  • Crossed the $5,000 in coaching mark

Instead of just reviewing my year in my journal, this time I’m making it public. Taking you behind the scenes of what happened every single month this year. Including the lessons learned.


January 2019: Highest revenue ever!!

The best month in business for me. Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy had a very successful launch. One student paid full price at $1,200 while another chose the payment plan at $333 a month for 3 months. I also sold a 1:1 strategy session with me for $111.

Total income: $1,644

Having such a high revenue month felt amazing. I was able to pay off some debt, invest in coaching, get tickets to a women’s day event and treat myself. I felt on top of the world. It also brought this feeling that I could do anything in business and I was super excited for the year ahead.

February 2019: Back to a disappointing reality

In February I decided to launch my bestselling self-study program with a group coaching call. It also included a bunch of new bonuses. I increased the price from $49 to $297. Nobody bought into it. Why? I honestly didn’t care about what this offer meant to the people who were signing up. I didn’t have them in mind.

All I could think about was how I was this great coach and everyone should sign up with me. Meaning, that it came across in the way that I marketed the program. I also believed that testimonials alone would get people to invest. The year would prove me wrong in the area of testimonials over and over again.

On top of all that, the Academy student that was on a payment plan couldn’t continue paying for the program. So my expected monthly income of $333, vanished! I did manage to get 1 sale of $15 for a masterclass I had up for sale.

February was a very busy month, I also co-hosted a summit with Anwin Mbah. After spending months planning the summit, about 100 people signed up, way less than we anticipated. To say I felt defeated was an understatement. Luckily I was working with a business coach at the time who helped me pick myself up to prep for March.

Total income: $15

March 2019: Hope and new possibilities

“What do you feel excited about offering to people right now?”

That was the question my coached asked me that sparked the idea for The Mastermind. After seeing the power of women coming together, sharing knowledge and resources, I was obsessed with creating this for others. The first student signed up within minutes of me announcing it. I was elated! Felt like redemption from February.

In addition to The Mastermind, I also half-assed another launch that had no sales. I was again doing it for the money and at a price point that I didn’t feel comfortable. My coach said to charge higher prices, so I did. Ignoring how I truly felt about it. One of the main reasons why I always make sure that my clients are in alignment with the offers they’re putting out there.

Total income: $673

April 2019: Now what?

Honestly, April is a blur. I had to comb through my journal and finances to write about it. Money was coming in monthly from two of The Mastermind members. Launched a wealth mindset program with another coach that didn’t work out. I was again extremely out of alignment!

For most of April, I was dealing with a lot of personal upleveling.

Total income: $143

May 2019: Sometimes there are aligned failures

One of the hardest things I had to do in business happened this month. I broke up with my accountability business bestie. We were going in totally different directions. I had to stop and ask myself what the million-dollar version of me would do. The answer was to discontinue the accountability bond. So I did.

In May I decided to relaunch Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy while tripling the price. This time things were different than my previous failed launches. I was really in alignment with this offer. Most of what I did for the launch came from inspired action. It was fun and exciting. Though nobody ended up purchasing, it led me to my biggest breakthrough!

Total income: $128

June 2019: A Redemption that felt SO GOOD!

June was my favorite month in business. Based on the failures of the year, I decided to fully follow my heart. Throwing away all the strategy and paving my path in this coaching world. It was the month that things started shifting drastically.

Instead of offering high-end coaching, I decided to completely lower what it takes to receive Business Coaching and created the Ladder Coaching Program. Offering people to start at a super low cost and paying for coaching that works. Meaning I will help them make money in their business and a portion of that money will come back to me.

That boosted my sales and I got to start working with some amazing women!!

Total income: $1060

You can apply for Ladder Coaching Program at the moment by clicking here.

July 2019: Blocked from receiving payments

Something that a lot of people that do not come from wealthy countries experience in the online space is the struggle to find a way to receive payments. Big payment receiving companies like PayPal and Stripe are not available for certain countries. Curaçao is one of those countries.

I’ve searched high and low for a way to solve this issue. The only way I’ve found to do it is through a new local company that has made this available for locals. There’s an interesting application process, that I’m currently going through.

The way that I’ve been receiving my business payments is through a friend who has a Dutch PayPal account. In July this was blocked pending some confirmations that were slightly unclear. Meaning that there was no way for me to receive payments. This led me through a complicated search to find a solution. It also completely derailed me from actually making money in my business. Except for the income that happened before this bad news.

One of the things that did happen before the bad news was creating and selling Tapping into Clients. A total of 7 people purchased at the super low introductory investment.

July was also the month that I became DEBT FREE. An exciting time for me.

Total income: $359

August 2019: Residual income feels so good!

I honestly have the best friend in the world. She got on the phone with PayPal to resolve whatever was happening with her account. At the beginning of August, things were resolved with my friend’s PayPal. Things were back on track. It was also during that time that I decided to only work with online female coaches. So I stopped offering things left and right and decided to set up my business in a way that felt exciting to me.

August was also the first month that I received the first residual payment from my Ladder Coaching Program efforts.

Total income: $810

Also in August, I launched my podcast called Your Business Your Way. It was way more fun than I anticipated so I continued creating episodes weekly.

September 2019: Your First $5k in Coaching Toolkit

For September I continued building what is now Your First $5k in Coaching Toolkit. A free library for everyone ready to make their first $5,000 in coaching.

Before I launched it, I had this random idea of offering a 90min call with me for $500. That felt super scary. I didn’t know if anyone would buy into that. Someone did and it once again showed me the power of taking inspired action. Also, since I was so busy creating the toolkit, I didn’t spend too much time worrying about how it will happen. I just surrendered to the universe and every step came purely from inspired action.

Total income: $511

October 2019: Co-Coaching

Though October was just a few months ago, it also felt like a blur. Luckily my journal is there to remind me.

In October Beth Gray and I launched Coach to Cash Mastermind for free. It was a random idea that we had. So we just tried it out and IT WORKED!

Setting it up was so much fun. The coaches that enrolled were such incredible humans. I get excited just talking about how awesome it was. Other than running this amazing Mastermind, I also opened up the Ladder Coaching Program once more. A few people said they were going to sign up and then backed out.

Total income: $75

November 2019: A Mastermind to remember

During November, Beth Gray and I continued and finished the Coach to Cash Mastermind. Our last call was fantastic. Especially hearing all of the results the coaches were able to achieve after just 6 coaching calls. We also started planning for Coach to Cash to be bigger and better.

So by the end of November, we launched Coach to Cash Mastermind for 2020. A 9-month Mastermind for the coach who’s ready to start making money in early 2020 and then scaling their business from that point on. Enrollment is currently open if you’re interested.

Total income: $570

Wrapping Up 2019

Being successful or unsuccessful is all about how you look at things. No, I have not hit all of my goals this year. At the same time, I have increased my business by over 500%. That’s a success in my book. I chose to be proud of my accomplishments this year. I challenge you to do the same. Money is not the only determinant of success and growth. Money is definitely important, but sometimes on our way to get there, we need to learn a few things first!

Currently, the Coach to Cash Mastermind is open for enrollment. For the coaches who are ready to take their coaching from a hobby to a money-making business!

Ready to Earn Your First $5k in Coaching?

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