“The Academy is the best money I’ve spent for my business.”

The 12 weeks program helping passionate boss ladies go from having a passionate hobby to a money making business. 

Does this sound like you?

“My business is slow. I feel all over the place and every step feels like an uphill battle”

I wish I had a system. Steps that I could follow, knowing that they will lead to a certain result”

“I have just hoards of information that feel overwhelming and paralyzing. I’ve literally been grabbing any strategy I can find on the web.”

“I don’t want to waste time and I definitely don’t want to waste money on different coaches or ideas”


not alone!

“Before the Academy my business was an unequal share of fear and passion. Fear definitely trumping over passion! Since the Academy, I have grown my audience and gained momentum in business.”

Charlii Hobbs

Representative, Juice Plus+


It’s not that you “might deserve them”. You ALREADY deserve them!

How do I know? I’ve seen so many clients create it, including myself.

The question is, will you claim the happiness, abundance and success? It is time to step out of your comfort zone, answer your heart’s calling and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.

can you imagine…

Being successful on your own terms instead of other people's idea of success for you....

Being certain that you're creating your future your way....

Knowing the EXACT steps to get your business to the next level...

Gettting up in the morining EXCITED to work because you just love what you do...

Having the time to spend with loved ones doing whatever you please...

Being able to travel wherever, whenever you want...

what if you could have…

the structure on how to build a biz…

>> A guaranteed system that worked for my clients to structure your business to make six figures

>> All the successful strategies that worked for various successful online entrepreneurs while completely disregarding those that don’t work

>> The clarity needed to move forward

the support to help you grow…

>> Someone with over 6 years of experience in the online business world to help you whenever you’re stuck

>> Different levels of accountability

>> A group of other entrepreneurs on the same journey as you to support you


>> The confidence to launch whatever you want because you know it will be a success

>> Knowledge on how to plan ahead to maximize your success and impact

>> Peace of mind financially. Not worrying about money or doing things you don’t like to get money.


>> A fun learning environment that keeps you entertained

>> The ability to be yourself while being challenged to grow every step of the way

>> A open and real group environment where you can openly talk about all areas of your life

This could be you

"I actually got a client who is my soulmate client"

"I have the tools to run my business smoothly"

"I was able to launch my 5 week master course that was on my list last year"

"I have grown my audience and gained momentum in business"


free spirit shepreneurs academy

Everything You Need To Set Your Business Up As A Client Magnet!

The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy is an online group coaching program designed to give you ALL the tools needed to set up a clear, strong foundation for your business that feels good to you – in just 3 months. At the end of the program you will have…


All the tools to stand out! In a world of competition, you will create your own thing that will blow the competition out of the water.

Business strategy

Complete clarity on your business strategy that is aligned with who you are. Including a perfect combination of what your message is, who it’s for and how you can get the message across.


Not only will you know what to offer, but also how to offer it in a way that makes it sell like hot cakes.

FSS Academy kicks off

Thursday May 30th

“I grew a friend account by over 2000 people and within weeks I started posting on Facebook every single day. I opened up a Facebook group I started doing live videos and I really started becoming an expert. I even launched a program and I now feel like I have a successful business and a clarity that I would not have had without Sheedia”

Christi Bernard

Personal Branding Expert, Christi Bernard

what’s inside


  • 10 Breakthrough Modules ($4999)


  • 10 Group Coaching Sessions ($2500)


  • 10 Transformational Workbooks & Homework ($999)


  • 10 Audio downloads in MP3 format to listen to the modules uninterrupted ($999)


  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Academy Students ($749)


  • Lifetime Access to The Free Spirit Shepreneurs VIP ($349)


  • Lifetime access to the course even if it gets upgraded (priceless)

Over $10,500 Worth Of Content Can Be Found In The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy


Total investment?

Only $2999


the curriculum

Module 1: Zone of Genius

This first training is all about setting you up for success. Getting you into that mindset of understanding what you can expect from the Academy. Plus we’re starting to get clear on what your message is.

Module 2: Clarity on Soulmate Client

In this module we’re talking Soulmate Client. Why it’s important, how to design her and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Module 3: Leveraging Your Uniqueness

Module 3 is all about standing out in a crowded online space. Truth is the crowdedness will not become less as the years go by. However those who are different will always stick out!

Module 4: Creating and Launching Offers

All about understanding what a funnel is, how it works and starting to create offers from that viewpoint.

Module 5: Assembling Your Brand Vision

When this module is done, you will have a full brand. We’ll cover all the tools needed and how to create a brand that is consistent, unique and noteworthy.

Module 6: Fully Benefiting from Social Media

How to best benefit from maximum exposure while not spending a limited amount of time on marketing. Really finding a marketing strategy that is good for you.

Module 7: Launch Like a Boss

Having a great offer that won’t sell sucks! That’s why it’s super important to have a well planned out launch. A good launch makes sure that everyone knows about what you have to offer!

Module 8: Understanding Sales

Sales oh sales! When it comes to business, usually the 2 things that people find most difficult is marketing and sales. In this module we tackle the latter in a way that keeps it simple.

Module 9: Enrolling Clients

The most important thing about this module is the mindset of thinking bigger. Dealing with the energetic and actionable steps to improve your client experience. Which in turn will get you more satisfied returning clients.

Module 10: Bringing It All Together

This module is all about bringing it all together in a way that is seamless and simple so that the focus can be on the clients.

Sheedia took the time to get to know what’s holding me back, mentally and emotionally from achieving the goals I want to reach. Plus, she also helped me understand what I needed to do to move forward with my business”

Samantha Justine

Sales Funnel Strategist, Samantha Justine

how does the academy work?

Every week during a 12 week period, a new Module of the course will be made available. Each module consists of a 60-90 minute training teaching the concept covered that week.

A few days later there will be a group coaching call. On the call students will get the opportunity to work through the blocks, hesitations, doubts or confusions that could be standing in the way of their progress.

In addition each student will get access to a private group where they can encourage, collaborate and help each other.

Once enrolled, each student receives LIFETIME Access to the Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy. So they can always go back and access the information. Plus they automatically gain access to any updates that come in the future.

who should take the free spirit shepreneurs academy?

>> Newbies who have just decided to become a coach and have no idea where to start

>> Ladies who have been in coaching for a bit but has not made money in their biz yet and still feel “new”.

>> Network Marketers who are ready to step out of the shadow of their company and become a leader in their industry

free spirit shepreneurs academy is only for those who are…

>> Committed to put in the work to reach their goals

>> Hungry to get to the next level in their life

>> Open to changing their mindset and worldview

>> Coachable

>> Absolutely passionate about their business

>> In it for the long haul. Not just to make some money and quit

>> For those who have a big vision to build a business that will help the masses

“Thanks to Sheedia’s insights and amazing help I have landed a paying client and I couldn’t be happier”

Karen Lowe

Mind, Body, Spirit Coach, Karen Lowe Inspirations

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Join The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy today and get lifetime access to the course for just $275 a month with a 12 month commitment.

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Join The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy today and get lifetime access to the course for just $1050 a month with a 3 month commitment.

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Join The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy today and get lifetime access to the course.

BONUS: Lifetime Access to Content Generating Queen. A $199 value!

got questions?

here are the answers

For any additional question not found here, feel free to send an email or Facebook message. Sheedia will be more than happy to respond.


When does enrollment close for the Academy?

Enrollment for the Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy closes on May 30th at 8pm EST. Not really sure when it will be available again or at what price.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’ve made it this far and are liking what you’re reading so far, then this is for you. Truth is, you must decide that this will work for you. Our thoughts create our reality! If you’re going to “try out” this Academy, I would say don’t bother. It must be a HELL YES. That way you are guaranteed massive growth both in your life and business.

Do I need to invest more money to apply the strategies taught?

No way José! I absolutely hate it when I invest in a program that tells me to invest more money to apply what I’ve learned. Urrgh! So I created this Academy using strategies that do not require additional investments. As you grow your business however I HIGHLY recommend investing in your biz to help make your life easier and exhilarate your growth.

How much time to I need to invest in the Academy?

On average each student should allocate on average 5 hours per week to do the work. This includes time for the weekly training, the coaching calls and applying whatever is learned during that week. Of course this will vary from student to student.

There are different business courses out there. What makes this one different?

The #1 thing that makes the Academy different is you won’t be just a number. You will be in a small group of up to 15 people. Sheedia will know each one of you by name and will be aware of what you’re going through. When on a group call, you will be able to ask questions and get personalized answers. In addition you will get an appointed accountability partner to help you stay the course. Finally Sheedia will be in the Facebook group every single day to support you with anything that may come up on your journey.

Will I get lifetime access to this program?

Absolutely! There’s so much information in each module that it’s always a good idea to go through things again. Not only that, once you sign up you’ll get access to any additional updates made.

Why does the sign up link lead to a form?

The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy is a group coaching program. It is also a big investment, not only for the students, but also for Sheedia as the coach. The form is there to make sure that each person that enrolls in this academy is a good fit for it. 

still on the fence?

Why Lana recommends the academy…


“Anyone who doesn’t want to be in the same place in 3 months as they are now need to put their fear aside and go for it!”

Charlii Hobbs

Representative, Juice Plus+

Get started now


Most Flexible

12 month plan


per month


Join The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy today and get lifetime access to the course for just $275 a month with a 12 month commitment.

Most popular

3 month plan


per month


Join The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy today and get lifetime access to the course for just $1050 a month with a 3 month commitment.

best value

pay in full


one time


Join The Free Spirit Shepreneurs Academy today and get lifetime access to the course.

BONUS: Lifetime Access to Content Generating Queen. A $199 value!

“I finally feel like I have a business”

Lana Williams

Finance Coach, L William Finance

What she said….