Free Spirit Shepreneurs VIP


Over 6 hours of trainings saving coaches hours upon hours of research and mindset work. It includes everything needed in order to succeed.

Comes with a ton of technical step by step business set up trainings to make sure you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

This is for the coach who is ready to learn the tools to quickly set up their business for success!


Was the answer I got in Free Spirit Shepreneurs over and over again. The question was;

“If I take you behind the scenes in my office, what would you like to learn?”

So I set out to teach as much of “EVERYTHING” as possible. This VIP experience is the solution!

It’s easy to get lost in all the information online.

It’s time to cut out all of the “noisy info” online that just doesn’t work.

The Free Spirit Shepreneurs VIP is a place where one can get trainings that will be concise, to the point to solve their problems. Everything is done in a step by step way that’s easy to follow. New trainings will be added on a weekly basis.

Members get a behind the scenes experience on how I build my business. A library of trainings that include all the strategy, mindset and tools I use to build my business to where it is today.

Not to mention a great community of women who are also growing their businesses.

As the coach, I oversee the questions. I either answer them in text form or by creating another training for the group around it.

If this feels like the support you need, don’t hesitate to get signed up.

It’s a small monthly fee for BIG LEARNING!

Great value, lots of content, and Sheedia is awesome


The vip experience

Being a VIP is all about getting EXCLUSIVE PRIORITY SUPPORT!

Which is exactly what you can expect from the Free Spirit Shepreneurs VIP. Need to figure out how to do something in your business? No problem! There’s a whole library of trainings to support you.

So what if what you’re looking for is not there?

Easy. Just ask how to do it in the group. As a VIP member, you will be noticed and answered ASAP. If it’s an answer that is best shown through video, it will be recorded and uploaded for you in a matter of days. No need to waste your time Googling trying to find the answer like a needle in a haystack.


a small monthly fee for major support!

What do you get?

Here’s a list of a few of the trainings in VIP:

  • Tracking your progress
  • How to easily map out courses
  • 7 FREE Productivity Apps
  • Using Trello to get organized
  • How to Record Video and Audio Trainings
  • How to set up your Facebook Profile and Business Page for success
  • How to Price to Sell

($11/mo. cancel any time)

It’s there whenever you need it. Even when you are stuck and give yourself space to grow you can come back to it and find all the value you did when you first found it


I would recommend VIP because of Sheedia’s amazing personality, content, knowledge, kindness and ability to adapt to each customers needs. She is always allowing and creating space for people.