How I found my purpose and tips for you to find yours

A book read in high school was the beginning of my journey to find my purpose.

Written by Sheedia Jansen

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How I found my purpose and tips for you to find yours

How I found my purpose and tips for you to find yours

When I was still in my early years of high school, I read a book by Myles Munroe on finding your purpose. I don’t remember the exact name, but that was the start of my journey to find my own purpose.

I couldn’t have been older than 15 at the time. Since then, I searched for my purpose in many different ways. It wasn’t until about 4 months ago that I was able to really cement what it was for me.

It turned out to be that my purpose is to help and coach ladies to live their dream life.

My journey to purpose

Throughout my life I got many clues that this will be my purpose. While in high school someone came up to me and told me that I was to help women. Then again I got that same message in December 2017 when 2 of my mission leaders were praying for me. Helping women stuck with me. I knew it was what I was supposed to do.

For a long time I even wanted to study psychology. Not that it’s much of a sign because I also wanted to study Early Childhood Development, International Business and Graphic Design. I was one of those people that couldn’t make up her mind on what to study in college so I didn’t end up studying anything. Except for a lot of personal development books.

One thing I did know was that I wanted have my own online location independent biz. So I studied all the material I could find on how to do it. I also got into every single business opportunity that was presented to me. All I wanted to do was make some money to study more programs.

A different approach

Then I discovered a lady online who was talking about connecting to your heart and doing business from a space of ease instead of hustle. My mind was blown! She was actually making a 6-figure income without hustling and forcing herself to do things?

“Now that’s weird!”
“But I want to do it too!”

Were the thoughts going through my mind. Immediately became Facebook friends with her and carefully followed all the content she put out. Eventually it led to me finding my purpose. By the way that lady is now my business coach, Lauren Eliz Love.

Here are the exact things that helped me get clear on my purpose:

There was so much that I was trying to do. I was often doing for doing sake trying to just make some money. It wasn’t until I stopped that I was able to connect to my heart to find the answers. For a while I didn’t do anything. I stopped the current business I was trying to launch for money and just hung out with myself. Bringing us to the next point.

Loving Myself
Main reason why this is written all over my social media is because it changed my life! When I started loving myself, I found my worth. Which led to increase in confidence, a loving determination and of course finding my purpose. Before that, I was just trying to hate myself so much that I would do something to succeed. Also, I’m having a free 5 day self love program. Click to sign up!

Connected to my heart
I started taking the time to really listen to what my heart was saying. Honestly it sounded scary because I didn’t feel good enough to do what I knew I should do. In the process my journal became my best friend. I journaled out my fears, which showed me how silly they were. In turn it gave the the strength to follow my dreams.

Learned patience
Patience is something that does not come natural to me. Living a financially free life was what I wanted and it needed to happen yesterday!! The coaches I was listening to at the time were all against hustling for hustling sake. They all were preaching listing to your heart to get the next steps in life. So I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did! Otherwise, I would still be hating myself trying to create something to make a buck.

There you go. If you are struggling with finding your purpose, try these steps. I’m sure it will help.

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