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It’s true. Coaches are after your money!

Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping smart savvy lady coaches own their brilliance + support them in creating life on their terms

It’s true. Coaches are after your money!

There I was disappointed

What was a super successful coaching program, is now a complete failure. The high ticket sales coach that I hired challenged me to triple the price. She said that I need to position myself as a high ticket in the market. To not worry about who will pay for it but believe that someone will. So I listened. Nothing happened.

After that, I shook off the feelings of failure and self-doubt to create my favorite program yet. The Ladder Coaching Program is what I called it. A program where someone can join for a very small investment and I get to take part in their profit. A business partner of some sort.

This new program felt like the complete opposite of a high ticket offer. It felt like my investment with that coach went down the drains. It felt like a failure in the making, and yet 4 clients signed up in less than 2 weeks.

Was I only after people’s money when I offered that program at triple the price?

Yes and no. I was in the sense that I felt I had to completely kill that side of me that just wanted to help. The part of me that would just help anyone, regardless of how much it cost me. It felt like I had to fully kill that side in order to make a living.

On the other hand, I made sure to tell myself that I cared for future clients. The problem was that I couldn’t just kill half of my caring nature. It was an all or nothing situation.

This is the problem I see with a lot of coaches. They get into the industry because they care but end up turning that off for the business side of things.

You can care and make money!

My idea for the Ladder Coaching Program was successful because I chose to embrace all sides of me. The side that cares with the side that wanted to make money. Best of all, the people who joined got an incredible deal. Which down the line I did profit from.

I’ve been in alignment many times in my life. From manifesting meeting my dream man in my house to funds being provided for my missions trip in the nick of time. Not to mention getting this urge to offer a coaching call at $500 and a stranger randomly signing up. When it comes to Ladder Coaching Program, I feel like it’s the definition of alignment.

I’m not after your money anymore

I love that program so much that I can’t stop selling it. That is a lot different than feeling like I must kill a side of me in order to be successful. Best of all, I’m not after people’s money anymore. I’m after their success!

Hit me up in the comments. On a scale of 1-10, how aligned do you feel about what you are offering?

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