Imagine being vip

 ✔ In the exclusive inner circle with other coaches who are seriously building their biz

✔ Having the step by step guidance to build your biz

✔ Private voice messaging access to a business coach who’s been in your position and ready to coach you through every challenge


You won’t feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks anymore

You won’t have to consistently work out the pros and cons of every situation on your own

You could say goodby to trying to do EVERYTHING without much results

this is different!

It is the coaching program you’ve been wishing existed.

Obviously there are business masterminds and coaching programs that will charge upwards of $10,000 for all of that.

I don’t care how many success stories they have. It’s a HUGE risk spending that kind of money.

especially since you took a bunch of risks to start your business…

So you now feel lost!

Not wanting to take a big financial risk and tired of feeling blind as to what direction to take.

how do i know

how you feel?

Because I’ve been there and my clients have too!

They share it with me over and over again. How it felt to be lost and how happy they are with the guidance and support they have now!

Don’t take my word for it!

Here are some real life private messages I’ve received from clients

"The past few conversations we've been having and the talk about getting that clarity about where I'm really heading has been really helpful."

"Sheedia! Oh my fucking god! This is what I am meant to do."

"Just yesterday I was like; I need to focus on just 1 thing at a time, break it down. It made me realize that this is why people need coaching. You know me. You're right in my head."

"I seriously need a real life hug from you. And when it happens I’m going to cry like a baby because it’s gonna take some action that pays off to get there. And you will have literally been with me my entire journey."

"Thank you for taking so much time with me lately. I want to let you know how much I freaking appreciate it because I just been in a stuck space for the past few weeks. "

"I really appreciate you for the clarity that you are giving me in the questions and the way you structure your sessions. Someone being there saying "do it", helped me a lot with the discipline."

Result Driven Business Coaching

that meets you where you’re at

investment: $1,000
Program duration: 1 year


You get all that was mentioned at the beginning for a small investment for 1 year. That’s all the risk involved. As your coach, I invest my time in you because I want to see you succeed.

What if you Succeed?

This is what the program is created for!

Every time you reach a goal, a portion of your earnings will be reinvested in order for you to continue your VIP journey.

No more paying for coaching that doesn’t work!

Some have already jumped on the opportunity

Here’s what Lonnie had to say about it!

oh and btw, there are Limited spots open! Once they’re filled this program will be waitlisted.

Start working on your business now so you can see the success you crave a year from now!

the breakdown

Here’s exactly how the payments for the Ladder Coaching Program are set up.

$1,000 is the initial payment where you’ll be coached for the entire year as long as you meet the quarterly goals.

First Quarter

  • 10% of your revenue will be reinvested into your coaching.
  • Required to hit a total of $1,000 in revenue by the end of the quarter to continue receiving coaching.

Second Quarter

  • 20% of your revenue will be reinvested into your coaching.
  • Required to hit a total of $5,000 in revenue by the end of the quarter to continue receiving coaching. 

Third Quarter

  • 25% of your revenue will be reinvested into your coaching.
  • Required to hit a total of $12,500 in revenue by the end of the quarter to continue receiving coaching.

Fourth Quarter

  • 30% of your revenue will be reinvested into your coaching.
  • This is your last quarter, the sky is the limit!


What’s included


  • Daily Voxer Group Coaching Access: Focusing on building Your Business Your Way from the inside out.


  • Exclusive Facebook Group: The place to brainstorm and support each other.


  • Daily Check-Ins first 14 Days: I will be checking in with you every day for 14 days. This is to give you maximum support as you strengthen the foundation of your business.


  • 14-Day First Steps Training: Daily short trainings making sure your business foundation is on point!


  • Lifetime Access to Free Spirit Shepreneurs VIP: Includes tons of how-to pieces of training on how to set up different technological elements to help you save time Googling.



After Ladder Coaching I had the confidence to create a $4,275 package. The largest I have ever created.

This would have never happened without the Ladder Coaching Program and all that I uncovered about myself as the leader of my business in that program.

your business your way

Just 2 years ago, my business felt like a burden.

I was doing Email Marketing and felt horrible. Everything the experts told me, I applied. As a result, it wasn’t me at all! Everything looked generic and I wasn’t making much money either.

I felt trapped, unsatisfied and lost.

That’s when I started looking within. Asking the hard questions made me realize my heart wasn’t in that business at all! Especially not the way I was led to set it up.

After additional soul searching and coaching, I became a coach. Something I knew I was meant to be doing since I was 14. Up until that moment, I never felt good enough.

Today I run my business, my way.

I use my own words, personality, work hours and strategies. This is what I help my clients with; Looking within. Following their bliss to create a business that lights them the F*ck Up!

…while making money of course


Ladder Coaching Program is now CLOSED for enrollment! Get on the waitlist below for future updates!