How to increase your hourly income as a Lady Coach

...even if you aren't making a consistent income yet.

It's not your fault you're not earning a steady income yet.

Industry experts and peer coaches often teach simple strategies that require a lot of manual work for poor short term results. This means working really hard for little or no pay.

Despite the fact that only a few coaches seem to get results with these strategies, everyone is using and recommending them.

No one is teaching long term strategies that deliver results in a way that is easy and to the point.

Most coaches keep hoping for results with their short term strategies because they do not know the unpopular ways that millionaire coaches use to land clients.

This means they continue to leave a ton of money on the table while feeling worthless and doubting their abilities to help people.

Fortunately for you,

there's a way to learn long term effective business strategies that stop you from wasting your valuable time and money.

This means living a fulfilled life where running your coaching business feels easy, exciting and fun. Finally being able to help people while earning an exceptional income on your terms.

Let's look at the benefits of having effective business strategies

1. More Money

2. More Time

3. More Fun

1. More Money

A lot of money is left on the table if a coaching business is using outdated strategies that do not produce results.

Money that could've been used to reinvest back into the business for even faster growth. The sooner a business can start earning consistently, the faster it will grow to a place of financial freedom. 

Earning more automatically increases one's hourly income. Even if they continue putting in the same amount of hours. Which is why it's also smart to lower the number of hours spend working on the business side of coaching.


2. More Time

We all only get 24 hours in a day. It's super important that it's used wisely. Having a time-intensive strategy means there's no space for growth. 

Doesn't matter what anyone's income is if they're wasting a ton of time to achieve it. Working a ton of hours without making much sucks, especially if it amounts to less than minimum wage.

Sadly, not many coaches set up their business in a way that gives them time to grow. They waste a ton of time on labor-intensive tasks that produce mediocre results. Getting the step-by-step easy effective business strategies makes all the difference.

3. More Fun

A business should feel so good that it makes the coach want to get out of bed early on a Monday morning to work. Not only does that feel good, but it also puts the Lady Coach in the vibration to attract more good feelings, resulting in growth. 

In order for a business strategy to be effective, it must feel fun for the person applying it. The strategy must help the coach fulfill the idea of freedom they originally intended for their business.

The bottom line is...

If you want more money, more time and more fun, Lady Coach Lounge is for you. Especially if you're unhappy with putting in a ton of work for mediocre results.

Hey, I'm Sheedia. Creator of Lady Coach Lounge.

When I stumbled upon the coaching world in 2017, I knew I had found my purpose. I could finally make my dream of traveling the world as a nomad come true while doing something I love. The road there proved to be a lot more challenging.

I knew that success leaves clues. So I researched how established millionaire coaches grew their online businesses.

I thought that understanding how a coach became successful meant that I could replicate the same strategies to get to the same results.

I was dead wrong!

Following the strategies coaches used 2-3 years ago, don't cut it today. With the fast-paced changes in the online coaching space, strategies that worked back then don't produce the same level of results today.

This was hard for me to admit to myself. The easiness of the short term labor-intensive strategies felt good. It was a lot easier to continue playing small than to step up and apply effective coaching strategies.

Eventually, there was no way out. I either had to step up and become whom I desired to be or kill my nomadic travel dreams. I chose to step up, and I'm glad I did!

Now my business is a lot easier to run while my hourly income is increasing. There are systems set up that work for me, saving me a ton of time and money while making more room for fun. Systems that I figured out by studying the current trends in coaching that actually land clients.

Turns out all I had to do was quit the strategies that weren't working and use that time to create something better.

The hardest part of applying effective business strategies is figuring out how to apply them. Thanks to Lady Coach Lounge, this will no longer be an issue for coaches ready to step up as I did.


"Sheedia is funny and down to earth. I love that she doesn’t re-record if she messes up, she just keeps going. She’s relatable and knows her stuff."

Beth Blanco

Money Mindset Coach


Lady Coach Lounge

Lady Coach Lounge is a time-saving shortcut to applying effective business strategies.


Sheedia honestly exceeded my expectations, because I felt that she was committed to us. Giving us information and tools. One time I didn't know how to do Zoom or something. And she's like; "oh, I'll do a video for you to show you how to do that". That exceeded my expectations. I was expecting to, spend an hour or so trying to figure out how to do certain things.

Lana Williams

Financial Coach

You will no longer have to figure out things on your own.

Inside the Lady Coach Lounge, you'll get step by step guidance on how to...

 Attract clients and income with Million Dollar Practices.

 Determine what kind of clients you want to attract and how to communicate to them in your marketing.

 Market in smart ways that saves tons of time, feels effortless and has the potential to reach millions.

 Leverage your uniqueness to stand out in the market without competing.

Set up an automated calendar-booking service.

Set up your Facebook Profile, Group and Business Page for success.

Sell consistently from a heartfelt non-icky place.

✅ Tap into the energy and vibration of easily attracting your soulmate clients.

 Price your coaching services to sell.

Here's what you will get inside of the Lady Coach Lounge...

🌸 Access to top-notch business & marketing courses.

Plus new courses added regularly based on what Lady Coach Lounge member's needs.

Make room for massive growth by getting your mindset and strategy in order in this 14 day course with daily action steps.

Create a marketing strategy that’s fully aligned with you in just 7 days. 

Get millions of people to see your content while only spending 4 hours a month using Pinterest.

Release the debilitating beliefs holding you back from attracting your Soulmate Clients effortlessly.

Energetically attract a client in a day using this proven 5 step strategy.

Create 40 pieces of content in 90min. Simply by creating exciting content, then derive other content from it.

🌸 Access to the Lady Coach Lounge Concierge

✔️ Get all your business how-to questions answered.

✔️ Request a specific course.

✔️ Find how-to trainings already recorded based on the most frequently asked questions.

🌸 Exclusive Facebook group with the other Lady Coach Lounge members

✔️ A place to share ideas.

✔️ Networking space to find collaborations.

✔️ The spot to find emotional support from your peers when things get tough.

🌸 Weekly Q&A Sessions

✔️ Happens every Thursday

✔️ Questions can be submitted ahead of time

✔️ Ask questions and get answers on the spot.

✔️ Business questions won't linger for more than a week

...That's only what you get today.

New trainings will be added to the Lady Coach Lounge regularly, without increasing your monthly payment. By signing up today, you lock in the monthly payment until you decide to exit the lounge (which you are free to do any time).

It's more than just the courses that teach you effective business strategies... it's a whole support system that includes personalized help through the weekly Q&A.

Here's how it works

You will be offered the opportunity to become a member of the Lady Coach Lounge in a couple of clicks.

You can have access to it all in 3 easy peasy steps.

Why am I the right person to teach this?

Let's hear what past clients have to say about my teachings...

"Sheedia is not only lovely but very knowledgeable and helpful. Fantastic value for the investment."

"Sheedia is brilliant as she can talk about business in a fun yet understanding way. She is really real in terms that she doesn't hold back her opinions. But, she gives thoughtful and real advice that I have learned from."

"I love Sheedia's energy and her pure intention of helping. She does whatever she can to help you push your business forward"

Gain Access to

The Lady Coach Lounge

 First Steps Training (Valued at $749)

 Epically Aligned Marketing (Valued at $549)

 Pin to Millions (Valued at $349)

 Tapping Into Clients (Valued at $199)

 Client In A Day Masterclass (Valued at $249)

  Content Multiplier System (Valued at $199)

 Weekly Q&A Sessions (Valued at $199)

 Lady Coach Lounge Private Facebook Group (Valued at $97)

Total value = $2,590

Today's Price = $69/m

Lady Coach Lounge is easily worth $149 a month.

Right now and for a limited time only, I'm offering Lady Coach Lounge for $69 a month. This offer is limited and is expected to go quickly. Act now to lock in the introductory price.


"If you're someone who's feeling overwhelmed or you're stuck or you feel like you are missing on direction in your business, she is your girl. She's going to give you steps that make you feel confident in obtaining your goals."

Christi Bernard

Small Business Marketing Specialist

30-day money back guarantee

Not only do I guarantee this unconditionally for 30 days, but if it doesn’t show you exactly how to effectively and strategically build your coaching business, if it doesn’t give you the support needed to grow, if it doesn’t save you a ton of time, money and stress, I don’t want your money. I will give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

Dreams only come true when the right actions are taken.

Building a coaching empire that impacts millions will require coaches to implement effective business strategies.

Whether you're a coach that wants to have 1-on-1 clients, group coaching programs or courses, your ability to create and sell those packages will drastically impact your lifestyle, income, your future and future generations.

  • You will get over $2,590 worth of top-notch business & marketing courses are waiting for when you join 


  • You will get new courses added regularly based on what Lady Coach Lounge member's needs. 


  • You will get access to the Lady Coach Lounge Concierge. Where you can ask any how to questions and get support promptly.


  • You will get an exclusive private Facebook Group with the other coaches in the Lounge. A place to network, collaborate and find support. 


  • You will get a Weekly Q&A session every Thursday in the Facebook group to answer any questions.


P.S. This business transformative membership will sell for $149 a month. This introductory price of $69 offer is a limited seat offer, so act fast!

P.P.S. Let’s be blunt

If you pass on this offer, in a week from today will you have implemented the effective business strategies you’re still trying to figure out? Probably not! You’ll still wish and want it, but never actually create more money, more time and more fun in your coaching business. Face it. Most of what you need is step-by-step how to exact instruction and detailed examples so you can finally see exactly how it’s done.

Get Lady Coach Lounge now and have some of your ideas implemented as fast as a week from now (or sooner… depending on how driven you are!)

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