Overcoming a Bad Coaching Experience

Anytime someone has unpleasant coaching experience, it can leave them scarred. This makes it very difficult for the person to experience the transformation they hired the coach for. Not only do they fail to receive help, but they also need to overcome the PTSD of working with a coach.

This takes on a whole new level if that person is a coach. A coach suffering from coaching PTSD will hold themselves back from trying to make the same mistakes. Making it impossible to properly help their clients. More importantly, it becomes really hard to grow a coaching business while fearing hurting someone.


Steps to overcoming a bad coaching experience

1. Forgive

You’re not doing this for the coach, you’re doing it for yourself. Forgiving does not mean accepting what has happened as the right thing. You can still despise that. What forgiveness does is help you remove the emotional burden from that bad experience. Ho’oponopono is my favorite forgiveness exercise. More on that in the video.

2. Separate the mistakes from the lessons

This is not the easiest thing to do, but it’s extremely powerful. When there’s a bad experience with a coach, there are so many lessons to be learned from it.

There are things that did go well that you might want to incorporate in your coaching. Then there are things that went horribly. The horrible things should be looked at in order to decide to do the opposite in your own coaching.

Once forgiveness has taken place and the lessons have been learned, it becomes easy to move on in a powerful way.


Covered in this video:

  • Explanation of what Coaching PTSD is
  • How having a bad coaching experience affects people
  • Why it’s important to deal with Coaching PTSD
  • The exact steps to overcoming a bad coaching experience


Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping lady coaches drop the struggle + own their gifts to easily pursue 5-figure months.

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