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I’ve dedicated my life to seeing women succeed. It is my belief that you already have everything inside of you to make your dreams a reality. I commit to helping you find the guidance, accountability and sisterhood to help you succeed!

“I felt like I wasn’t ready and I needed all these ducks in a row before I could actually start moving my business forward. Sheedia did the most amazing job in helping me to see that I can start right now. I could start taking actions right now that were going to grow my business and she broke it down in the most simple action steps.”

Christi Bernard


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Why I do what I do….

Why I do what I do….

This is how everything started…. At some point in 2006 someone shared with me their passion for visiting Africa. This person loved African drums and wanted to go to learn more. After he shared his passion for visiting the continent, I naively said…. “I want to go...

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