with Sheedia

You’ve been wondering when a lucrative coaching business that’s easy and fun to run can finally be your reality!

What if it could be now?

There’s a huge gap in the coaching industry between the six-figure coaches consistently celebrating their accomplishments and the average coach consistently wondering “how do they do it?”.

The latter group often spends a ton of time trying to figure out how to get clients while coaches in the first group make it look so damn easy.

The internet has a ton of information on “how to get clients” but somehow that only seems to work for some people.

Most coaches are left spinning their wheels with an expensive hobby that will never help the envisioned masses.

I get it, it’s unfair!

It’s not your fault you’re struggling. All the things that go into building a successful coaching business can be too much to juggle and figure out on your own.

➻ Do you feel like it’s taking too long to see the success you’ve been craving?

➻ Does it feel like you’re just randomly trying different strategies to see what works?

➻ Have you given up on setting goals because there’s an abundance of proof that you won’t reach them anyway?

➻ Have you been making lower-end offers because everyone is saying they don’t have the money?

➻ Do you struggle with selling too much?

Boo, this is for you!

I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. I was there not too long ago. As a business coach, I felt embarrassed that I could not make my own business work.
But I knew that I could not give up on helping women create freedom through their business. I could not give up on my purpose.

I stuck with it and found a way to make it work.

I did it so lady coaches like you won’t waste their precious time, money and energy. Especially those that don’t have the luxury of abundant time and limited bills like me. Living with my parents while building my business full-time made it work.

During that time, I gave up a ton of Instagram moments people my age experience to grow my business. Luckily, I can now help you stop shooting blanks and bring home the bacon.

I figured it out so you don’t have to

For over a year I didn’t take 1-on-1 clients, because I wanted to help as many ladies as possible. So I focused on group programs and courses.


My soul has been calling me to open 2 exclusive spots for coaches to work privately with me and accelerate their success. To be the wind in their sail while they lose sight of familiar shores to discover new lands.

My mission

is to help you confidently scale through your next few levels. 

Together we will…

– Increase Your Confidence
– Define Your Identity as a Coach
– Create Aligned Irresistible Offers
– Enhance Your Marketing Strategy
– Reconnect to the Vibration of Abundance
– Sell Your Offers

If I had never worked with Sheedia I would not have sold 24 seats to my new offer in less than 24 hours…

Started building websites for over $2,000 a project…

Launched a sell out group coaching program…

It wasn’t because I wasn’t knowledgeable because she’s actually learned a lot from me.

It was because I was too afraid to get started or innovate on my own.

Because of her mindset work I have been able to create offers unique to my OWN methods. I would have never uncovered my methods if I wasn’t brave enough to fully step into me.

I have now helped over 115 students in my programs an impact I never would have made if she didn’t coach my through how to do my business my way.

Thank you Sheedia!

Christi Bernard

Small Business Marketing Expert,

You will get

– Unlimited Sessions with Sheedia for 6 Months
– All of Sheedia’s Digital Courses and any course released while working together
– Unlimited Daily Voxer Support

What to expect

Let’s be honest, your growth is up to you.

I can’t force you to do the work.

What I can promise is that I will be there for you every step of the way. Whenever doubt creeps in, or you’re unsure about something or you need someone to brainstorm with, I’ll be there.

I will push you when shit gets uncomfortable and tell you to stop when you’re obsessively overworking.

Every time you’re on the brink of forgetting, I will make sure you’re reminded of your greatness, power and ability to succeed.

As a private client you will get an individualized curriculum in combination with my courses to help you build a successful coaching business.

Truth is, I cannot guarantee any results but I can share what clients have experienced within the first few months of working with me.

– Landing Coaching clients easily
– Completely upgrading their business model
– Creating simple plans to show up consistently on social media
– Confidently creating and selling higher offers

Because I only work with 2 private clients, I can offer unlimited support. You get daily Voxer support and can request an impromptu coaching session within the next 48 hours.

The investment

Option 1: Pay in Full for 6 Months: $10k
Option 2: Monthly Payments: $1,750

Next steps

1. Email [email protected] to chat with Sheedia and include any questions you have at the moment.

2. Agree to the Terms + Conditions and sign the Contract

3. Receive the Payment information. (Pay in Full = Wire Transfer, Payment Plan = PayPal)

4. Pay it

5. Receive the Welcome Package which includes information on how to book calls, access the courses and connect on Voxer.

Before you go…

I invite you to check in with your heart. Seriously, stop, take a deep breath in and see/feel/hear what comes up.
Ask: “What is the next step for me in this moment?”

Whatever comes up, I invite you to take that step.

If it has nothing to do with what’s on this page, feel free to close it.

If your next step is this private coaching package but it still feels terrifying, I challenge you to email [email protected] with how you feel. Sheedia is the only one who sees those emails.

With love,