Tapping Into Clients

Digital Course: $37

Effortlessly release the debilitating beliefs holding you back from attracting your Soulmate Clients. 

Tapping Into Clients is a 5 day program that uses the power of EFT Tapping to immediately dissolve mental limitations keeping you from enrolling your clients.

This is for the coach who is DONE with the struggle of getting clients and is so ready to easily enroll her soulmate clients!

>>> You’ve done so freaking well setting up your business.

>>> It’s obvious that you’re passionate about what you’re doing and are really good at it.

>> You worked your cute booty off daily.

>>> Showing up to make it all happen.

Yet it’s STILL not happening!

….You consistently ask yourself what else needs to be fixed.

….You go over the big coach’s work with a fine comb trying to find more ways to improve.

….There must be something you’re missing!!

Well, there is!

It’s just the one thing you didn’t focus on.

It’s the thing all those strategic courses don’t cover…


There is a mindset shift that needs to happen for you to go about Tapping into Clients.

You know mindset is important. I know you do.

By now you’re wondering:

“Do I seriously need to add this whole daily journaling thing to your already busy schedule?”

What if there was a quicker way to fully eliminate the limiting beliefs standing in your way?

Beliefs like..
– I’m afraid to fully commit
– I must work really hard to get clients
– There aren’t enough people who want to work with me
– I need to be more credible to charge for my coaching
– I feel annoying/pushy asking for the sale

Well there IS a quicker way to get rid of these!

“I am on day two of your tapping and it absolutely fascinating what tapping does”

Ashley Ingram

CEO & Womens Tranformational Empowerment Coach , The Unfuckwithable Woman

What is eft tapping?

EFT Tapping or simply Tapping, is a way of focusing on the body’s energetic hotspots to bring balance to the body’s energy.

It’s very similar to acupuncture, where touch is added to the meridian points to remove the energetic blockages.

Acupuncture uses needles. Tapping uses the gentle touch of your own fingers. Which makes it easy for anyone to do it for themselves in the comfort of their own home or even in public (which I’ve done a few times).

What I love about tapping is that it’s a healing method that only takes about 10-15min. Instead of taking hours journaling.
I’m now making this tool available to you in this program as a quicker way to work through your limiting beliefs.

In just about 10 minutes, you can eliminate a block that would probably take a few hours with journaling

What do you get?

– 5 trainings explaining why it’s important to eliminate the block
– 5 Easy to follow along EFT Tapping recorded sessions
– Intro to Tapping Guide

The value of the course is at least $499.

A total STEAL for just $37.

“I think that the whole mindset shifts goal and all of it is like refreshed and renewed and total next level. I want to give you all the rounds of applause for it, because it’s awesome.”

Christi Bernard

Branding Coach