The Secret to Making Business Easy to Run

As a coach, people pay for your energy. So it’s important to protect that energy at all costs. Lacking energy can drastically affect the clients you’re trying to help.

There are different layers to protecting and valuing one’s energy. These layers include the physical, spiritual and emotional layers.

Who you’re surrounded with for example can highly affect your energy. Especially when it comes to a life partner. On the other hand if you’re not physically healthy, it’s really hard to give out the best energy to help someone else.

For these reasons, my private coaching involves helping clients to feel good all around.

How to make business easy

Besides all of the above-mentioned areas that a coach needs to protect their energy, the most important area is business. It’s surprising how often people keep doing tasks they hate and expect to build a freedom business. It’s impossible for things to be easy if you’re doing things you dislike.

On the contrary, not creating the things one’s soul is calling them to create can be detrimental to business. Our soul is the source of perfect direction. Not following it is like telling God/Source/Universe that their direction is not good enough.

So follow your heart and create whatever your soul is calling you to do. It will lead you to a business that is easier and more fun to run.


Covered in this video:

  • Once your soul is fulfilled, everything will become easier
  • Understanding that your energy is all you have
  • Taking stock of your life and business to make things easier


Written by Sheedia Jansen

Hey, I’m Sheedia. A business coach helping lady coaches drop the struggle + own their gifts to easily pursue 5-figure months.

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