The Self Help Guru That Almost Killed Herself

It was shocking to hear that a self-help guru almost killed herself. Here's what happened and how we can learn from it.

Written by Sheedia Jansen

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The Self Help Guru That Almost Killed Herself

In a world where we consistently feel like the grass is always greener on the other side, a story like this can be extremely shocking. It was definitely shocking to me.

From Millennial Guru to wanting to Kill Herself

New York Bestselling author Gabby Bernstein has always been extremely fascinating to me. She’s like a guru for the Millenials, making all things Spirituality cool again. What she has to say about meditation, manifesting, the universe and connecting within resonated with millions of people worldwide.

“On my darkest moment, you know it was mother’s day, I said I wanted to kill myself”, she admitted recently after experiencing postpartum depression. Getting on antidepressants was the only way for her to overcome it. None of her techniques were working.

I was shocked!

Here I was feeling like a hot wreck compared to her, only to realize that she didn’t have it all figured out either. Truth is none of us have it all together, that’s what makes us human. As soon as we accept that we’ll never have it all figured out, things start to shift.

I’ve had many of these moments in my life. Where I surrendered to how things were and decided to be grateful for what was great. Doing so always led me to feel better about myself and in turn achieve more.

The problem is that something always seems to happen that takes me out of that feel-good state. Honestly, I used to hate myself for that. Until I realized that it’s part of the human experience. Every time I fall, I get better at getting back up. Every time I grow, I face newer tougher challenges. The great news is, I get tougher every time.

All of that to say, everyone struggles. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have it all figured out. What’s important is to become resilient and an expert at getting back up.

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