Voxer Coaching: The Best Way to Connect to Clients

Voxer Coaching is becoming the easiest way to connect with clients while providing them with the most support.

Written by Sheedia Jansen

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Voxer Coaching: The Best Way to Connect to Clients

I was obsessed with Voxer the very first time I used it. During that time I was in a group coaching program where accountability partners were assigned to us. My accountability partner specifically said that she didn’t use Facebook Messenger and that I should get on Voxer. Since the coach who was leading the program at the time was already raving about Voxer, I got on board. Today it’s my favorite way to connect to clients.


Time differences can be difficult when connecting with clients

Let’s face it, the problem with having clients from around the world is the time difference. If you take it a step further and add traveling to the coach’s schedule, it can be a complete pain.

Nowadays booking calendars are a lifesaver. They help a lot with scheduling across time zones. Honestly, I absolutely hate scheduling anything with someone without a booking calendar. Especially when I live in a country the does not have daylight savings. When everyone else’s time changes, ours stay the same. Though booking calendars are great, they still don’t take away the time difference.

What is Voxer Coaching?

Enter the world of Voxer. “Voxer is a Walkie Talkie App for Team Communication” is what the website says. I would call it a phone call that you can always have. 

How it works is anyone can send a voice message to another. If that person is online, they can hear the other person’s recording as it happens. Meaning that if a client is recording a message for me, I do not have to wait until she’s finished in order to hear what she was saying. As soon as she’s done talking, I can respond. Like a phone conversation.

If the listener is not online, the message is recorded and they can hear it afterward. An amazing feature that is added when listening to someone’s recording is you can fast forward that recording, saving the listener time.

Voxer for Coaching produces better results

Traditionally online coaching is done through video calls that are usually scheduled once a week. In addition, most coaches offer “private access”, which basically means you can message them between calls. What I have noticed is that private access is one of the most powerful things in coaching. Private access is where the message happens.

Private access to a coach is much easier when it can be done informally. For this reason, many coaches have moved away from emails to Facebook Messenger. The easier a client can send a message, the more likely they are to do it. Especially if it’s a client that is not comfortable asking for help.

Voxer Coaching vs. Messenger Coaching

Facebook Messenger is an easy choice to connect. Most people already have it installed on their phones. In practice, however, it can be distracting. Facebook Messenger has no way of organizing contacts based on importance. With so many people connecting with an individual on Messenger, messages can easily get lost. Especially for a coach that is connecting with prospects through Messenger.

For all of those reasons, I prefer using Voxer. The app is most popular in the Coaching space. This provides fewer distractions. Top it off with the ability to easily have a conversation back and forth and being able to fast forward recordings, I would say it’s a clear winner.

Voxer Coaching for Groups

I am a big believer in Mastermind Groups. People with a clear purpose coming together to support each other. The flow of ideas, accountability and the growth that comes out of masterminds is like no other. Especially if the participants are paired together perfectly. Now, the power of group coaching can be combined with Voxer Coaching.

My brief test with Voxer Coaching for Groups proved to be very successful. For that reason, I have completely switched my Ladder Coaching Program from weekly Zoom calls to a Voxer Coaching Group. This way everyone can participate no matter their time zone. Plus it creates daily instead of weekly support.

Want to test Voxer Coaching out?

Let’s connect. Download Voxer on your device and send me a message at @heysheedia. We can briefly test it out so you’ll know how it works. This can help you make a better decision whether or not you want to use it as part of your coaching. It will also provide you with an example of what it’s like to work with me.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Voxer Coaching in regards to coaching.

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