This is how everything started….

At some point in 2006 someone shared with me their passion for visiting Africa. This person loved African drums and wanted to go to learn more.

After he shared his passion for visiting the continent, I naively said…. “I want to go to Africa too.”

Honestly I didn’t know much about the continent. Except for lessons on the conflicts between the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda. That’s pretty much all we learned about Africa in history class, one of my favorite subjects.

Then in January 2008, I landed in Uganda 🇺🇬. Neighbor country of Rwanda mind you. It was surreal, a dream came true. One of the most eye opening, thought provoking and magical experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

What got me there? The believe that it will happen and the unwavering faith that came with it.

Basically I manifested my trip to Uganda because I never worried about it. That’s what it means that the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains!


It was that missions trip that got me to where I’m at today.

While there we visited a village with a lot of widows. These ladies were helped by an organization that taught them how to survive where they were.

All they had when we got there was a big gathering hut and other small huts they called home. Interestingly enough there was this sense of abundance there that I hadn’t really experienced before.

The women were taught how to start with some goats and breed them till they had enough to eat and sell.

They were given classes on how to talk about sex with their young ones to prevent random pregnancies and further spreading of the HIV virus.

Plus they learned how to use their hands to make things to sell at the market.

As we approached them, they got down on one knee to greet us. No matter how much we told them not to.

I mean lots of us were still in our teenage years and some of these women could’ve been our grandmas. They were just grateful for our visit and culturally that’s how they showed it.

What opened my eyes from the experience was how women can take control of their lives. Even though I was brought up a very strong individual, up until that point I still wanted a man to take care of me. Not fully believing that I could make it out there in the “real world” without one.

Funny how a small group of women out in what seemed the middle of nowhere changed that perspective.

Now I’m all about helping women take charge of their lives by starting their own businesses. However I don’t work with anyone that just wants to make money for making money sake.

I help women who are ready to share their message, help others and make money in the process.

If you are ready to start succeeding in your biz, don’t hesitate to reach out and book a free strategy call.

I’m here to serve.

Just like someone served the women in that village who inspired me to serve others.