What if getting coaching clients was so easy you could do it on repeat?

zero to clients

Is starting your coaching business feeling like plunging into ice water? Do you wish you knew how to get coaching clients with 100% confidence? Well, it’s possible sister girl!

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Ready to go from Zero to Clients?

    What to expect…

    During these 5 days you are getting yourself a business coach. I will be showing up as if every person in the group is a paid client.

    There will be daily training teaching my entire Consistent Clients System. Taught in a way that is easy to follow and understandable, even for lady coaches that are completely new to business. The workshop is loaded with opportunities to ask questions and get answers on the spot. 

    Every lesson will be building up on top of each other. So it’s important to attend all 5 days.

    What we will cover…


    Attracting Clients by Design

    What needs to happen in order to attract clients by design instead of by default.


    How to Engage the Crowd and Put Yourself Out There

    A clear understanding on how to grow your audience online and how to get more engagement. 


    Mapping Your Offer

    Everything that goes into creating a signature offer.


    The Plan for Consistent Clients

    Getting clear on what needs to be set in place in order to get clients on repeat.


    Client Conversion Through Icky-Less Sales

    Tackling the dreaded task of sales. How to make sales easy, simple and fun.

    The playbook!

    Besides 5 FREE live training, you will also receive a the Zero to Clients playbook upon signing up.

    This will be your play-by-play book to use whenever you are interested in signing clients.

    But wait, there’s more…

    To sweeten the deal, there are 5 prizes to be won. 

    There will be the opportunity to win over $1,000 total with daily giveaways for those showing up live and sharing about their experience.

      Happy clients say the nicest things…

      Here’s what past Zero to Clients students have said…

      I just finished listening to today! Sooooooooooooooooooooooo good! Wow! Like so precious! I have had all those questions and you were answering them like one by one. You are so freaking encouraging.– NP

      She paid for the coaching and now I can spend 45 minutes going deeper with her.

      So thank you. I needed to hear that and hold myself accountable to the service that people deserve.
      – RK

      “It was a great workshop! You are Amazing! And I love your sparkly energy. Will keep in touch– MCC

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