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Sheedia Jansen’s Bio/Introduction

Your Business Your Way is the motto for the bubbly business coach, Sheedia Jansen. She empowers female coaches to combine one’s heartfelt guidance with business strategy to create a successful balance.

After 6 years of following other people’s strategy in her online business, she felt stuck. Her business was not growing at the rate she desired. That’s when she was inspired to throw out all the strategy, trust herself and do things her way.

The result was a business that empowers coaches to scale their own online businesses. She now sits in her home in Curaçao and coaches clients from around the world to drop the struggle and own their gifts to pursue 5-figure months.

Her true desire is to see more women challenging the norm to create a life of freedom. 

talking points

  • How to build a money-making business as a free spirit


  • How to easily attract hig-ticket clients


  • What goes into building Your Business, Your Way


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Ladies, Let’s Use Tech to Grab The World By The Ovaries

A talk challenging the women of Curaçao not to let the size of the island hold them back. Opening their eyes to the fact that it’s possible to use tech to reach the world.