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Sheedia Jansen’s Bio/Introduction

As a business coach, Sheedia helps lady coaches own their brilliance and create a life on their terms. Especially coaches teased for their impossible life dreams.

She beliefs that a business strategy should feel as natural as learning to walk. It should be an enjoyable way to book clients on repeat.

Armed with 8 years of business experience, she has helped coaches enroll over 300 clients. Resulting in tens of thousands of dollars generated. With her Your Business Your Way motto, she empowers women to have their cake and eat it too.

talking points

  • The 3 Pillars to book coaching clients on repeat


  • How to build a money-making business as a free spirit


  • How to build Your Business Your Way


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Ladies, Let’s Use Tech to Grab The World By The Ovaries

A talk challenging the women of Curaçao not to let the size of the island hold them back. Opening their eyes to the fact that it’s possible to use tech to reach the world.