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Online Coaching Business Tools

There’s no doubt that the most important things to have in order to sign consistent clients are the right mindset, clarity and offer. With that being said, over the years of me being in business, I’ve used many online coaching business tools to support me. These are the tools that made the biggest difference in my life that I would recommend to anyone who is ready to massively grow their coaching business.

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Coaching Business Growth Softwares


 MINDMEISTER (pink logo) is the perfect online coaching business tool to brainstorm with by creating a mind map || TRELLO amazing for organizing tasks and ideas after brainstorming in mindmeister || AIRTABLE is like Excel on steroids. I use it to keep track of my daily income, income goals and my client administration || TEXTEXPANDER is a time saver that gives the option to create shortcuts to the most used sentences or paragraphs || AND.CO is the perfect online app for sending out contracts while automatically collect payments and financial administration  || TEACHABLE is where I host all my courses and can also create coaching packages.



ECAMM LIVE (blue background) is my favorite platform to stream with on Facebook. Sadly only available for Mac users || BE LIVE is also great for streaming, available on the web for any operating system and perfect for interviews.

CONVERTKIT is my email marketing app by choice. It helps me with sign up pages, email automations and email management || VOXER is walkie talkie app that makes communicating through voice a bliss, it’s my favorite app to communicate with clients.

Social Media Marketing

TAILWIND is an amazing tool for managing Pinterest. I also have a Pinterest course for anyone who’s interested || CANVA is the most convenient place to create all graphics || RECURPOST (clock logo) is my favorite social media management app. It lets you create a library of content that gets posted automatically at the times your audience is most engaged.

Coaching Business Growth Books

All these books helped me with the mindset portion of consistently signing clients. The Big Leap and The 10X Rule are all about growth mindset. While The Science of Getting Rich and A Happy Pocket Full of Money focuses on the money mindset aspect. Lastly Let the Universe Lead You focuses more on spirituality.

Online Coaching Business Tools

This is the exact journal I use that can only be found in Dutch. I highly love the freedom that comes with a bullet journal.

My ears are weird and they “spit out” most earbuds. I’ve repeatedly bought these in the past decade.

Sheedia’s Wishlist

I do not own these items yet, they’re still on my wishlist. Want to get me one as a gift? Just message me 😉

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