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Fear has its Pros and Cons

Everything has a positive and negative. For fear the positive is that it protects you, the negative is that it keeps you away from achieving your goals. 

I like to think of fear as an overprotective parent. They’re there to protect the child, but if they over protect them, it hinders their development.

The problem is that a lot of times we become that overprotective parent in our own life. We let fear hold us back from starting and growing our business.


Overcoming the fear

Since we know that fear is there to protect us, there are times that we have to asses that fear and ignore it. Just as an overprotective parent has to eventually deal with the fear and let their child explore the world.

An example of this was when my parents didn’t want me to fly alone. I was a missionary that had to travel back and forth, they wanted to escort me everywhere. Eventually I put my foot down and took a flight by myself.

After the plane landed in Jamaica, I was stopped by immigration. I didn’t have a return ticket out of the country, something I didn’t know I needed. To say I was scared as hell is an understatement. Eventually someone from the missionary organization guaranteed that I would leave the country and they let me through.

Over the years I’ve flown since then, I was stopped by immigration numerous times, filled many documents incorrectly and lost my travel companion in an airport leading to a 2 hour search for each other.  

All of this were experiences that made me totally fearless when flying.

Once you get over any fear. Dealing with it head first, you realize that it was there for nothing. Even if things go completely wrong, you learn a lesson. Just like I learned all the things one shouldn’t do when traveling.

This is the growth that can happen once you get over the fear.


Decide to go for it

Whatever you are scared of doing in your business, decide that you will do it.  

Remember that if you’re not progressing in life, you are taking steps backwards.

If you’re working a job, where you are satisfied with the salary. If that salary stays the same for the next 10-20 years, you will be technically earning less. The reason? Inflation will make your buying power less. 

Once you conquer one fear, you’re done with that. You will keep going up and having more greater fears to conquer. Every time you conquer a fear, you will open yourself up to more possibilities.

Usually the thing that we’re most fearful of, is what we need to do. Once you conquer that fear, your life becomes so much better.

So decide today! What fear will you conquer?