What is Breathwork?

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What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is simply an active breathing meditation. There are different types of breathwork. Including, Holotropic, Wim Hof, 4-7-8 Breathing, etc. It’s kind of like yoga, where the term can symbolize different types of practices.

The type that I will be covering from now on is Revelation Breathwork. Created by married couple Jason Amoroso and Dr. Maura Moynihan, who were also my teachers during my facilitator training.

Anatomy of a Breathwork Class

Revelation Breathwork classes are divided into two-part. The first part is active breathing. It’s the “work” in Breathwork. The second part is a time of rest and relaxation.

During the active breathing portion, there’s a three-part breath that is used. An inhale into the belly, another inhale into the chest and an exhale. This belly, chest, exhale pattern is repeated throughout the active breathing part of the class. The three-part breathing pattern can be deepened, slowed down, or sped up during a class. It all depends on what the person needs during class.

Breathwork Introduction Video

This is the video introduction video for breathers before attending my class. It explains everything one can expect.

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What does breathwork have to do with business?

The more we make way for success, the more success we experience. Contrary to popular belief, making way for success has nothing to do with external work. It’s all internal baby!

At the end of the day, we’re pure potentiality. We can make all our dreams come true in no time. What’s really keeping us back is ourselves. Taking time to do the inner work, heal and listen is not for the faint of heart. It doesn’t seem as important, but it’s directly connected to creating a successful fulfilled life.

This is why as a business coach, I’ve decided to start offering breathwork classes. Because business strategy alone will never allow one to tap into the pure potential within them.

The Your Business Your Way movement and the Inside Out Business Method that my business coaching is founded on goes hand in hand with breathwork. Without going within, it’s not possible to actually create Your Business Your Way.

How to Build Your Business Your Way podcast episode

Yes, people have had sub-par experiences with breathwork…

Oftentimes bad experiences with breathwork are related to either the facilitator or the client forcing the process. Truth is, breathwork is a modality that meets you where you’re at. It provides whatever you need at the moment. 

Sometimes that’s complete rest. Other times it might include a lot of moving around. Sometimes it’s fast active breathing, other times it’s slow. Sometimes it’s hard to calm the mind, while other times it’s super easy. Sometimes there’s a deep spiritual awakening while other times you might not feel anything. Each one of these experiences is the perfect experience. 

There’s nothing rigid about breathwork

When allowing the breath to do the work, everyone can have the right experience for them. At the end of the day, it’s just breathing. If anything, the Coronavirus Pandemic has taught us the blessing of being able to breathe. Breathwork amplifies this blessing.

Breathwork vs. traditional sitting meditation

I’m not a huge fan of traditional sitting meditation. It’s really hard for me to actually quiet my mind and just sit there. That’s why I love breathwork. It gives me something to do (breathing pattern) while calming my mind. 

Best of all, the body automatically calms through the but load of oxygen it gets during the practice. With the music makes giving me something to concentrate on, I’m golden. I get to experience deeper benefits than meditation in a more enjoyable manner.

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